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Command 6

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Command 6, The Commands

Command 6: DO NOT KILL

What is murder?

The dreadful idea of deliberately killing someone, strikes fear into most peoples hearts.

To take a knife and plunge it into a persons chest and murdering them, is the picture of horror films. And yet we hear so much of it. On the media, it passes as entertainment… This week it has come very close to our reality.

God tells us murder is wrong and we shouldn’t entertain it…

Human beings kill each other, it has been so from the beginning of time. It springs from a lot of other sins that we allow to fester in our hearts.

God himself is affected by it.

Jesus deliberately allowed sinful and wicked humans like us, to murder Him. He deliberately suffered terrible pain, grief and crushing shame, so that we could be forgiven. He loves us in a way that we will probably never understand. He rose from the dead! The price for sin has been paid and anyone who puts their trust in Jesus can be forgiven and made new.

It free. Jesus has paid it all.

Abdul heard this.

I do not know if he trusted Jesus for himself. I now that many of you here tonight have heard it over and over…

The Word of God tells us, that if we don’t believe what God says and trust Jesus, there is no forgiveness. I know there are other religious that say other things, but the Bible tells us there is only one way to God, only one way to heaven. There is no discussion with God, or deals to be made about how good I think I am.

The standard to be in Gods kingdom is perfection. And not one of us has it. The Bible describes us as lost- blind- lame- dead in sins. Dead people don’t choose. If I do not seek God before my human life ends, I am eternally lost.

This is very worrying…

I must put trust in the right thing. The stakes for my eternal soul, couldn’t be higher! If I put my faith in the wrong person, I will be eternally lost. God will not allow me and my sins into heaven – he is Holy. So he will send me to a place where I can have my sins and pay for them forever.

This is very worrying

Who is in charge?

God is not a namby-pamby wooly old man in the sky. He made everything. It all belongs to Him and He controls everything. Some people say that the devil controls this world, but No. God is Sovereign. Here’s a scary thought…

If God is in control, then why does He allow terrible murders?

Nothing happens outside God’s control. This has serious consequences for my thinking about the world, myself and who exactly God is!

God is not to be messed with. He holds your life right now. He decided your life, when you were born, when you will die. Nothing surprises Him.

Young people who die, makes us very shocked and sad and we wonder why?

I think you now the answer already- We do not know. God carries out His sovereign will and he often does not tell us why. Our reaction, should be, if we have faith in Him, is to commit the situation to Him.

“Lord, I don’t know why you allowed this to happen, but I trust you that you will bring good out of this, and people will see how wonderful you are.”


Some people get very angry with God.

Why do we get upset and furious with God?

  • Our pride wants answers.
  • Our pride wants to blame God. God gives us our lives- they belong to Him.
  • Our pride will not allow God to rule, especially over ME! Pretending we are the boss.

 This is what keeps us out of heaven and the untold riches of God.

We give up eternal life, joy, peace and everlasting love, for our own silly ideas.!

Death is a most dreadful event. We should all fear it. It separates people from each other, it tears families apart, there is no way back. If I do not humble myself before God in this life, it is too late when I die.

Therefore, we need to think very seriously about where we stand. If you feel and hear God calling you in your mind, or your conscience, you had better respond to Him. It is the most important thing ever, because it will decide where you will spend all you eternity.

Either you pay for your sins forever, or you ask Jesus to take you in and forgive you and make you a new person. He will make you a powerful person. You will have the Holy Spirit living in you and He will given you courage and strength, and help you overcome temptations.

Or, you can struggle all your life with your weaknesses and fear, your sins will overcome you, and never really be content. And then loose our souls forever.

Its not a difficult choice, and yet it is, because we really don’t want the Lord.

The Jews in the NT said about JESUS “we will not have this man to reign over us.”

God took them at their word and they perished. We need to be careful what we say to God…

The book of Lamentations says this…

“Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?

Look around and see.

Is any suffering like my suffering

 This is from the OT.It a prophecy about what the Lord Jesus was to suffer many years later. The prophet calls out to us… Do you even care what is happening here? You just glance at the suffering Saviour and walk on by…

He says to us, was there ever any suffering like that of the Lord Jesus Christ?

He was the perfect Son of God, and they battered Him to death, beat deep furrows into His back, and the crushing weight of the wrath of God for my sin, was put on Him. JESUS bore that on the cross!!

God’s anger is a most dreadful thing. He is angry with the wicked everyday. He is incensed by sin. The way we treat Him, each other, our own bodies!!


Killing is the end result of a long chain of hate. Resenting people, gossiping about people, assassinating someone’s character.

Building up in our minds, all sorts of hatreds, jealousies, And finally, we may even take up a weapon and murder someone. We have all killed. We have hated and scorned.

But most of all we have hated Him. The one person who loves us to suffer such ignominy. To take the eternity of wrath that God has stored up for me. He took it on himself, so that I could go free.

What am I doing?

Why do I excuse myself and blame God…

The Bible tells us why… WE ARE FOOLS. WE ARE EVIL to let such an opportunity go by.

If something happened to you tonight- where would you go? We have no guarantees for tomorrow, we just presume.

We listen to the self-justifying lies of this world and we are duped.

We have today so therefore we will have tomorrow- This is FOLLY

Don’t put it off.

If God is speaking to you tonight. Come to Him.

Confess your sins and ask Him to make you new again.

Give your life back to Him and you will never be sorry.


Find an adult you trust. Come and talk to me.

Booklets to take with you



Command 5

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Command 5, The Commands


God’s commandments for healthy living … NUMBER 5

“Honour your Father and Mother, so that you will live a long and happy life.:

This commandment has a promise or a reward for us.

It isn’t just talking about Mothers and Fathers, but any authority figure that is in charge of us and is put over us for our good. When we are young this especially applies.

We should be able to pay attention to what older people say and watch what they do, so that we can learn from them. We are to be wise and listen to people who know God better than us, so that we can find out how to belong to God and live lives that are pleasing to Him.

The trouble comes when the people in charge do not practice the good. Even if we have Christian Mums and Dads, they don’t always get things right. God asks us to respect them and try to please then and cooperate. The same is true in school, after school club, the police, authorities. I must seek to do the right thing, and also keep peace between other people. This is very tricky.

This command is not about older people or other people who think they are more important than us, lording it over us, or trying to get us to be subserviant to what they say. As a Christian, I can honour God by cooperating with whoever is in charge.

However, if someone asks us to do something wrong, then we must do the right thing. This can be difficult as well.

It is unwise to set another people up in the place of God, and just follow them and do whatever they say to us. Even people who live for this world would not do that. We have to develop skills of judging right from wrong and following what the Bible says.

We must be very wise.

How do I get wisdom? I ask God for it and He will give it freely to those who ask and believe in Him. I must come to know God as my father and as my Teacher.

How do I know God?

I come to Him and repent of my sinful ways, and ask Him to forgiven me and take my life back to Himself and serve Him truly. I now belong to JESUS and my whole life is seeking to be like Him and telling others about Him.

I am a Christian – Christ’s one.

I learn about God from reading and meditating on His word. I have God’s Holy Spirit, who is a person I know, who dwells in my lfie and teaches me and prompts me to follow God’s ways.

As I read the Word of God, the Holy Spirit witnesses to me that it is true and teaches me to apply it to my life in a real and living way.

The Word of God s very deep. It is an eternal book. It is really the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I look into it, I see JESUS.. It is God’s revelation about His Son JESUS and how much he loves me and wants me to come to Him.

When I am a young Christian and immature in the things of God, I might want some help to understand and talk about the implication for my life.

Look for a mature Christian who will help you, and who’s life shows that they beling to Jesus and love Him with all their hearts.You need to ask God to guide you to the right person, as it can be hard to judge who would be helpful.

We can have Mothers and Fathers in our life of faith.

People who greatly help us and teacher us deep and wonderful things.

There are many good books about the BIBLE and JESUS, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT which help us to grow up in the faith and know God better. It is hard to read some books, but it is worth it. There are many writers who teach us the infallible things of God and give us amazing knowledge about the deep things in the Scriptures. It is good to read these peoples work and to talk with people who seek God in their own lives.

There are things on the internet: Lettsom Inn site…


  • Talks that you can listen to…
  • Talks on Youtube
  • Worship songs and films about loving God.
  • Bible study books: SHOW BOOK
  • Reading for Quiet time: SHOW BOOK
  • GOD must be number one. 1st Command
  • We must revere Him. 2nd command
  • I need to know how HOLY God is: this is a life long realisation.
  • I must set time aside to worship, pray, read, meditate, serve the LORD 4th Command
  • I need to bey Him and follow HIM

This is impossible for us to do without the Holy Spirit. If I am not changed and loving GOD, I will not follow Him eagerly. My sinful mindset will pull me away…

So I need to honour people who are teaching me the right way, and showing me how to live life as a Christian. I must respect people who try to teach me, but maybe get it a bit wrong.

How do I know it is wrong?

Because I know the Bible and the Holy Spirit shows me.

The Christian life is a real walk with the Living God. It is not a series of dutiful habits, or something I feel i have to do.

God want our hearts not just habits.

Love the LORD with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and strength…. and loving others will follow on.

If I honour the people God puts in charge of me, there will be the reward of a long and happy life.






Command 4

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Command 4, The Commands


How do we spend our time as young people?
How do adults spend their time?
Work takes up most of our time…

God knows what we are like, even though we don’t know ourselves.
The ten commandments are given by Him for our good.

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
On the seventh day, do no work…”


Christians meet together on that day, to praise God, learn from the Bible, and pray together.

This day of rest is a picture of a wonderful day that is coming when Christians will be together in heaven with Jesus. This is called the eternal rest.

No work, no chores, no need for money. Everyone will be free form sin and will rejoice to be there. with Jesus.

Are you ready for that day? Are you still rushing around trying to get the most out of this world? This world will pass away one day, and it will bring in another eternal kingdom, where sin is gone, death and sickness are gone, and those who trust in Jesus will be forever free.

All that those people of God will do is only full of enjoyment, peace and rest.

When you are tired of work- think about what God offers you in Jesus, and ask Him to give you that rest and peace with Himself….


Command 3

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Command 3, The Commands


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand before God and see Him?

The Apostle John saw the Lord, high and lifted up. John says, he fell at His feet as one dead… John saw the majesty, glory, awesome power and fearfulness of the LORD . John had nothing to say. He fell down at God’s feet as if he was a dead person.

Job, believed God and suffered greatly as God allowed it. Job speaks to God, but he tells us, that he put his and over his mouth… Job had nothing to say…

What we say to God is important, and our understanding of Him, is crucial. Some day it will be our turn to stand before Him. Will we make excuses? Will we try to make ourselves out to be better than we are?

Our third commandment is about speaking about God.

“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for he will not hold us guiltless if we misuse his name.”

We all have been given names. Our parents gave us our names usually for a reason.

Micah means, “like unto Jehovah…”

Constance means, “Strength and faithful…”

We like it when people remember our names, say our names properly, and spell them accurately.

If our names are important, then how much more important is God’s name.

God’s name has supreme importance.

His name is eternal and unchangeable (immutable) His name is to be reverenced and spoken with ultimate respect.

  1. What’s wrong with swearing?

 Swearing is everywhere. When we hear God’s name in public – TV, films, school, etc it is not respectful of God.

 When we use God’s name as a swear word, it is not respectful.

If I say O G… I dropped it..! I am actually blaming God for my mistake..! A lot of swearing is this.

For G.. sake..! Do it or I will blame God..! OMG… this is calling on God, but I don’t mean it. I am using God’s name for effect to get a response from other people and to add weight to what I am saying…

This is called Blasphemy… Blasphemy is using God’s name in a low way… Speaking about God as if he is just an object or ordinary person.

At the bottom of this sinfulness is my attitude to God. I really don’t care about Him, nor do I respect Him and His authority.

If I really understood who God is, I would be very careful and very worried about speaking about Him in a reverent way.

  1. We talk about God to back up our promises, and then not keeping them.

I promise I will share my snack with you – God be my witness… God is the highest authority and so I use His name to back up what I say…!

We don’t keep our promise – we have used God’s name falsely.

Even if I do keep the promise, should I be using God’s name to back up what I say?

God’s name is greater than me, and using it to give weight to what I say I am going to do, is called profane. Unholy, ungodly…

I am going to get you a birthday present… Your friend doesn’t believe you, so you say a back up… “I promise to God…” This is blasphemy, using God’s name to back up something trivial…

  1. When we talk about God to anyone, it must be with fear and reverence. God is almighty. He holds our lives in his hands, and he owns everything and everybody. He made everything that exists and all power is His.

God has always been and always will be… No beginning or ending, unlike us. We are just a vapour, like the steam that comes out of the spout of the kettle when it boils. It only lasts for a moment.

We must remember who He is and that He is a kind and loving God – completely GOOD… All reverence belongs to Him.

We should not be making jokes about God, or spiritual things, like people who have no knowledge of God. Foolish people make jokes about Jesus and draw foolish pictures about God.

  1. I call myself a Christian and people know I am Gods’ child, yet I do not live and speak as I aught.

I do not show respect for God in front of others, because I want to fit in with their bad talk.

I am taking the name of JESUS and disrespecting His name, because ~~I don’t honour Him by what I say and do.

I am taking the name “Christian” in vain…. I am disrespecting God by what I do.

So we see it is quite complicated the idea of taking God’s name in a disrespectful way….

There was a super powerful king in OT times Sennacarib… He had no respect for God or for God’s people, of King Hezekiah. Sennacarib surrounded Gods’ people in Jerusalem and his magnificent army of 185,000 soldiers. His intention was to cower God’s people into submission and kill them all and bring down God’s name before all peoples and of course to exhalt his own name..! No one will forget Sennacharib… God completely humbled him. In one night, the angel of the Lord killed every single one of them.

To lift ourselves above God is foolish and He will not give His own glory to anyone else. How we live our lives should bring glory to God and people should see what God is like by looking at us.

  • So we see, God’s name is supreme.
  • He will not give His glory to anyone else.
  • How I speak God’s name is really important.
  • God is King over all and not my convenience.
  • I need to respect God and honour His name with reverence and respect.

I hope you can see that what we think of God is crucial. I will not please Him or know Him, unless I have come to the point where I have given Him my whole life and trusted Him to forgive me and save me.

When I reach that point of FAITH, I will understand who God is and what it means to reverence Him.

I enter a new relationship with Him and I now walk my life with JESUS and the Holy Spirit lives in me.

I am ALIVE TO GOD…. therefore I can understand who exactly he is.

This law isn’t just something we have to look out for and try not to do. It is a way of thinking about GOD that changes my whole life.

Command 2

Posted: January 28, 2017 in Command 2, The Commands


“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God,

The second commandment God says, we are not to have idols. We are not to worship anyone or anything apart from Him. He is jealous of us, because He knows that only HE is sufficient to save us and keep us. He will not give His children to someone else!! Satan can never take us away from Him.

We are not to make pictures, images, statues, any kind of likeness to “help” us with worshipping GOD.

We say: Everyone is responsible for themselves… which is true, but at the same time, my spiritual heat or lack of it, will affect the impact of God on their lives too….

If I am following idols, then my family and friends will follow too. Following idols is a fools game.

God says I am not to make any kind of effigy, because he knows what we are like, and He knows we end up worshipping them…

What do I mean by following idols?

The commandment says, you are not to make a likeness of any creature or human being, and then think you can worship me.

Likenesses: the usual ones we see… Buddha, Shivva Ganesh, Lakshmi, Ancient Gods and deities from Egypt… in every culture there are these things. We can even go to ”church” and see images of people who are supposed to help us to worship God.

God makes it very clear, that we are not to try to picture Him, or His Son JESUS.

We worship God is Spirit and truth. God is Spiritual and each Christian has a spiritual soul whereby we can worship and know and talk to God. Everything else is worldly, and is off our low human desires for what we see, hear and touch.

When God awakens the soul, the things of this life take second place. Our motivations and desires change and we become spiritual, we have everlasting life…

So we can see that we must keep out all the godless desires that separate us form God.

Every culture has its own “idols”

It doesn’t always take the form of a wooden statue. It isn’t always a picture in our house or church.

Definition of an idol:

an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

Idol, god, image, statue, totem pole, fetish, etc. We are not to make anything to “help” with worshipping GOD.

And idol can be a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.   “a soccer idol”   hero, heroine, star, celebrity, pop idol, etc.

As humans, we really do like to have people to look up to. We see people who are really good at something, and we idolize them… We put pictures up, we watch them, we maybe try to copy them in what they do. We take on their attitudes and we admire their work.

Sounds like what we should be doing towards GOD!

It is so easy to set up an idol in your mind. It is so easy to find ourselves worshipping someone, or some thing more than God.

There are so many things that pull us away from God, and steal our love and worship for HIM.

When we are unhappy, we tend to do things that cheer us up, and we get interested in the wrong things, and that love separates us from GOD.

These toys, make us happy for a while, but ultimately they will destroy our faith make us this world orientated. THEY HAVE BECOME IDOLS..

God is not willing to let people be duped by these glamorous things and people we worship. If he loves you, he will follow after you and bring you back.


Maybe some day you will have a family, and what you believe and teach them, will be of huge importance.

Maybe right now, there is no one in your family who is a Christian. They never hear about JESUS, but you do… what if you were to come to JESUS, and maybe the whole family will all believe too..!

So how I carry out my Christian life is of huge importance to me and to others around me, and we seek to point them to the true and living GOD, the God who resurrects our souls…

God is also making an amazing statement here. He says that whatever I do affects others… The fact that I do not love Him and serve Him only- effects the people around me. Family, friends, work friends, everyone. If I do not live for God, they will never see God. My unbelief winds its tendrils around my heart and the hearts of others too.

If God is not my number 1, then it will affect my Mum and dad, my brothers and sisters, my children one day.

The seriousness that God is not my Lord and Master, is really something we try to shut out. But we need to worship only Him in Spirit and in truth….

Command 1

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Command 1, The Commands


What right has God got to tell me what to do?

I can make my own decisions… I have the right to do whatever I want with my life, my body, my mind, my belongings….

This is a usual human response. I belong to myself and no one has the right to tell me what to do…


  1. I do not belong to myself… I belong to God. He made me and he has the right to tell me what to do. He cares for me, and he knows better than me what I need and should have..
  2. I can make my own decisions… We do not. It might seem that we do, but there are greater powers than us in our world, and they hold us fast in their grip. We either belong to God or the enemy of our souls – the devil…
  3. I know what I want… We want what the media tell us we want… We do what others around us do. We are not strong without God’s Holy Spirit living in us, so we are really at the mercy of the loudest, or most attractive person..

 The 10 commandments: GOD gave them for our benefit.

People do not like them because they stop us doing stuff we want to do, and they make me feel guilty. This is what we think anyway…

GOD gave them to us to show us the right way- to teach us. To show what he is like so we can know HIM. GOD is kind and is not willing for anyone to perish..

Commandment 1: “Thou shalt have no other god’s before me.”

In a way, this is the only one we need.

That’s quite straight forward… Only one GOD. We are to worship HIM. If there is only one God, then all the others are false.. Its that straight forward…

Why should I worship GOD?

  1. He is the only one. He made me and has designed me to love and worship Him. If I dont love and worship Him, I will worship something or someone else.
  2. God gives me life and breath. He keeps me in my life, wether I know it or not. He decides what happens to me- good or difficult.
  3. God keeps me safe and protects me for bad things. He delivers me in times of trouble.
  4. God is a jealous God. Because He wants the best for me, he wants me for himself. Friends- they go off with another person- sad, hurt, jealous… Married people- jealous when the other person goes off with another. Wanting the best for the other person.
  5. Faith in God and trust in God is the basis for all other good.

Can I be good without God?

Motivations and reasons for what we do. Some times I am good because I want others to think I am good.

I want to make a good impression.
I want a reward.
I want to avoid a punishment.
I want to feel good about myself.

Do I do good things when no one sees? Do I really do good things for totally good reasons?

When I am honest with myself, I find that I am not really that good after all.

The Bible says that without God I am blind, deaf and actually dead!

My soul is dead..!

I cannot change myself… I cannot worship and love God properly.

I actually need a miracle.

To keep this command, I need a miracle from God. I need to be resurrected!

My dead soul needs to be brought to life..

You see, there is no good thing in me.. and in reality, I don’t want the true God anyway… So God has to work in me, so that I actually want Him. I also need to see my need of Him. When I look inside and see my sins, how bad they are, how strongly they hold me.. There is a desperation to get them dealt with. Who can do this? Maybe the minster, the councellor, teacher…

No, only the God I have offended can cleanse me.  Why Him?

Because it is his laws I have broken and I have not loved Him. Only He has the power.

God is able to forgive me and make me new- resurrect me, because he sent JESUS to die for me. He paid the penalty for my wrong. He took the blame instead of me.

I do not love GOD, but HE LOVES ME…!!

He went to these extrordinary lengths to get me free from sin. He wants me for himself… he wants me to be in heaven with Him forever..!

When you become a Christian there is a big realisation of what JESUS did for you, and you realise how much He loves you. That makes you love HIM back.

If you do not love Him back, you do not belong to Him.

If you are a Christian you will want to keep this commandment. In fact, it will be the purpose of your life and the motivation behind what you do, think, say.


I need to say this… everything in our society is saying the opposite. The media is completely biased about the reality of GOD and His involvement in our world.

GOD made the world and everything in it, and he upholds everything by His power and might.

The most important thing we have to face up to, is that He has a say over all things, and he has the right to judge us.

God is not to be trifled with. He is not a soppy friend- He is the GOD of all eternity- eternal, sovereign, all powerful, holy, fair, majestic, supreme…

It matters how we view Him and how we revere Him.

The Bible says “the fool has said in his/her heart , there is no God..” You can see how this is true.

So tonight, look inside and see if you really love Him and have repented of your sins.

Is pleasing Him your goal in life?

Maybe you need to adjust yourselves. Maybe you need to lay yourself down at Jesus feet…