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Command 5

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Command 5, The Commands


God’s commandments for healthy living … NUMBER 5

“Honour your Father and Mother, so that you will live a long and happy life.:

This commandment has a promise or a reward for us.

It isn’t just talking about Mothers and Fathers, but any authority figure that is in charge of us and is put over us for our good. When we are young this especially applies.

We should be able to pay attention to what older people say and watch what they do, so that we can learn from them. We are to be wise and listen to people who know God better than us, so that we can find out how to belong to God and live lives that are pleasing to Him.

The trouble comes when the people in charge do not practice the good. Even if we have Christian Mums and Dads, they don’t always get things right. God asks us to respect them and try to please then and cooperate. The same is true in school, after school club, the police, authorities. I must seek to do the right thing, and also keep peace between other people. This is very tricky.

This command is not about older people or other people who think they are more important than us, lording it over us, or trying to get us to be subserviant to what they say. As a Christian, I can honour God by cooperating with whoever is in charge.

However, if someone asks us to do something wrong, then we must do the right thing. This can be difficult as well.

It is unwise to set another people up in the place of God, and just follow them and do whatever they say to us. Even people who live for this world would not do that. We have to develop skills of judging right from wrong and following what the Bible says.

We must be very wise.

How do I get wisdom? I ask God for it and He will give it freely to those who ask and believe in Him. I must come to know God as my father and as my Teacher.

How do I know God?

I come to Him and repent of my sinful ways, and ask Him to forgiven me and take my life back to Himself and serve Him truly. I now belong to JESUS and my whole life is seeking to be like Him and telling others about Him.

I am a Christian – Christ’s one.

I learn about God from reading and meditating on His word. I have God’s Holy Spirit, who is a person I know, who dwells in my lfie and teaches me and prompts me to follow God’s ways.

As I read the Word of God, the Holy Spirit witnesses to me that it is true and teaches me to apply it to my life in a real and living way.

The Word of God s very deep. It is an eternal book. It is really the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I look into it, I see JESUS.. It is God’s revelation about His Son JESUS and how much he loves me and wants me to come to Him.

When I am a young Christian and immature in the things of God, I might want some help to understand and talk about the implication for my life.

Look for a mature Christian who will help you, and who’s life shows that they beling to Jesus and love Him with all their hearts.You need to ask God to guide you to the right person, as it can be hard to judge who would be helpful.

We can have Mothers and Fathers in our life of faith.

People who greatly help us and teacher us deep and wonderful things.

There are many good books about the BIBLE and JESUS, GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT which help us to grow up in the faith and know God better. It is hard to read some books, but it is worth it. There are many writers who teach us the infallible things of God and give us amazing knowledge about the deep things in the Scriptures. It is good to read these peoples work and to talk with people who seek God in their own lives.

There are things on the internet: Lettsom Inn site…


  • Talks that you can listen to…
  • Talks on Youtube
  • Worship songs and films about loving God.
  • Bible study books: SHOW BOOK
  • Reading for Quiet time: SHOW BOOK
  • GOD must be number one. 1st Command
  • We must revere Him. 2nd command
  • I need to know how HOLY God is: this is a life long realisation.
  • I must set time aside to worship, pray, read, meditate, serve the LORD 4th Command
  • I need to bey Him and follow HIM

This is impossible for us to do without the Holy Spirit. If I am not changed and loving GOD, I will not follow Him eagerly. My sinful mindset will pull me away…

So I need to honour people who are teaching me the right way, and showing me how to live life as a Christian. I must respect people who try to teach me, but maybe get it a bit wrong.

How do I know it is wrong?

Because I know the Bible and the Holy Spirit shows me.

The Christian life is a real walk with the Living God. It is not a series of dutiful habits, or something I feel i have to do.

God want our hearts not just habits.

Love the LORD with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and strength…. and loving others will follow on.

If I honour the people God puts in charge of me, there will be the reward of a long and happy life.