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Ephesians: Overview

Posted: May 11, 2018 in Ephesians: Overview


Ephesians: Why Ephesians?

Written by Paul the Apostle.

It’s a letter written to the Christians at Ephesus.

Ephesus is a godless city and people who live there worship the goddess Diana. She is all about money, and they are all about money! The merchants and business people, pray to her to give them good success and get lots of money for themselves. The city dwellers are all about getting stuff and enjoying life to the full.

There is a small group of Christian believers in Ephesus, and they belong to God and don’t live under theses rules of living. It is very difficult to live with people who are going in the opposite direction to you. The Christians get worried and sometimes doubt comes in and they get afraid. Paul is writing to them to encourage them and show them what they have in Jesus and who they are to God.

We will look at some of what Paul says in this letter, which is also God’s Word to us today. We will find lots of good things that will help us to cope with the difficulties of life, and show us who we really are if we are loving Jesus with all our hearts.

Chapter one is all about the blessings Christians have in Jesus Christ.Paul points out to the believers that they are God’s children. He tells them many blessings, which we will look at next week. They are blessing that only Christians will appreciate and want.

Paul wants them to be strong in the Lord, and to have insight and wisdom as they look at life. They need to see the reality that God sees, not the foolish ways of the people in Ephesus.

Christians are alive in Christ. Their souls were once dead to God, but they now can know God and have a relationship with Him. This is the greatest thing, but we only appreciate it when we come to God and seek forgiveness for our sins.

Christians are one in Christ. When we confess our sins and repent and are forgiven, we become at one with Jesus. We are His brothers and sisters, in the heavenly kingdom.

We also become one with each other, and can relate to each other and forgiven each other in his name.

Christians understand mysteries that other people don’t. They can bear sufferings for the sake of Jesus their Lord. They can know Gods love in a really deep way and can have that love towards other people.

Christians are children of light. We must live in the light and not practice the sinful works of darkness. Our lives should be pure and good. Where ever we go we bring the goodness of Jesus and the light of the truth of his word. We seek to be like God and read and pray so that we can know Him and what He is like.

Christians have good relationships. We should be seeking peace with people and not arguing and causing deliberate upset. We respect each other and behave in a way that pleases God. We are to love each other and treat each other as we would like to be treated.  We must do what our parents ask us to and respect them. If we are parents we are not to be harsh and annoy our children.

Christians work hard. We do our work as it is to Christ. We do our work thoroughly and honestly and not taking anything or trying to get away with less. We do not speak rudely to those in charge of us.

Christians have armour. God gives spiritual armour to those who follow Him. He does not leave us on our own, but gives us the ability to use the armour and fight against the enemy.

Paul signs his letter in peace to the people at Ephesus.

He sends love and faith from God and Jesus Christ.

He sends grace to everyone who loves The Lord Jesus with an undying love.