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Sit back and relax

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Sit back and relax


Don’t listen to people who say it all be ok in the end. Complacency is the chief sin of many Christians today. It has always been tolerable, so it will be tolerable again… Just hold tight and don’t worry. The sins of pride and regarding ourselves better than others, grows in our thinking and we hardly notice it. Our minds begin to change and we become increasingly like the cynical world, and we loose our love for Christ and settle down with social acceptability and deadness.

I ask you today, as you read this, to think again about what you are doing and who exactly you are serving. People put blinkers on a horse, so that they can only see in one direction. Is this your position? Why do people want to stop us thinking and discussing the questions that worry us and cause us pain?

If you belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, he does not require you to suspend judgement or limit your thinking to a one track, made by someone else. He sets us free. No one can take us from his hand, or take us away from him. “He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved” Psalm 62:2

His Word is our guide, our chart, and as we read it we view the Lord Jesus, and see the kind of life we should be living. As we share the Lord Jesus together, and learn to trust each other, as we trust him, we can also share our hurts and troubles and have true fellowship.

Better not sit back and relax…