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Satan falling…

Posted: April 19, 2016 in Satan falling...


JESUS spells out who Satan is…

JESUS tells them that he saw Satan fall from heaven…!

This event happened before the earth was made, or any people… Yet the Lord Jesus Christ was there. This is another instance where we see who he is… He is the eternal God, they judge of humans, demons and Satan himself.

Who is Satan?

Satan was the most glorious being that God ever made. Beautiful, powerful and glorious. This held the problem of his destruction. Satan believed he was above God and could compete with God. He was filled with PRIDE- the first and most dreadful of all sins.

That tendency is within us too….The competitive spirit that leads us to put others down, belittle people, try to be in charge of everything. This was Satan’s heart.

He said to himself…”I am going to be equal with God…” A deadly ambition… Foolish in the extreme.

A desire not from God, therefore sinful, and God will not allow this in his presence. Satan was cast out doomed to roam the earth that was to be made, and lead its inhabitants into the darkness with himself.

Is Satan in charge?

Satan might seem to be victorious, but he is already beaten. He knows his time is limited, and is seeking to take revenge out on God’s people. He wants to keep the unbeliever dead in sin, and therefore doomed. If you are not a Christian, he will try to keep you blind to the truth, and asleep in your spiritual deadness.

Why is Satan like this?

Satan hates Human’s simply because God loves us… that might seem mean and petty but that’s what he is like.

There is no salvation for him or his demons…. He rages…against God and against Christians.

If you are a Christian, he can do nothing to you at all. The best he can do is upset you, blame you, put you down, tell you lies which might sound real, get you to stop looking to JESUS and get worried about what Satan will do to you..! Take your JOY…

JESUS knows all this, he was there, and he walked this earth suffering the effects of Satan’s influence on us.

But he says, you can trample on snakes, and overcome all the power of the enemy…!

 NOTHING WILL HARM YOU…   A huge promise!!

 How wonderful are these encouragements.

But there is more and better encouragements.

JESUS tells us that our number one comfort and source of praise, the FACT that our names are written in heaven.

This is the main point today. Satan is beaten already. He has fallen from his perfect state, and he has lost all his power.

How is Satan beaten?

The cross….Jesus took the punishment and love overcame hatred…

Is he beaten in your life yet? Are you vulnerable?

The love of JESUS is personal…

Is you name written in heaven?

It doesn’t mean that there are literal books and pens, God does not need such things to remember, but is your name as it were in the register in heaven, so that your place there is certain? God knows everyone who belongs to HIM…

Your name can only get on that list because of what JESUS did on the cross. HAVE you have believed in him and confessed and trusted in that sacrifice he made.?