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Beatitude four

Posted: February 1, 2018 in Beatitude four


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5

We have in this promise some people who are needing something. They have a deep need and it is causing them difficulty and pain. Jesus says that these people are blessed people becuase they long for this one thing… RIGHTEOUSNESS

RIGHTEOUSNESS: doing what is right, in a right state before God, seeking holinees in our lives, to be like Jesus.

A kind of prefection that we don’t understand. A perfect life lived for God. If I do not hunger for it, I then I don’t really want it anyway.!

These people who are hungering and thirsting after the rightoeusness of God, have somehow been changed. They see that God’s ways are not their ways, and they need to repent of their ways.

These people are experiencing two symptoms of need – hunger and thirst.

When we are hungry, we can tell because we get an empty feeling in our stomach. Our energy begins to run low, and we know we need to get something to eat that will be beneficial to our bodies. If we ignore the hunger pangs, our stomach will begin to rumble. It will make complaining noises to tell us to do someting about it. Get something to eat, because the body needs food to function and stay alive.

Jesus identified people who are hungry in a spiritual way – people who are longing for spiritual food, and seek it with all their hearts. They feel a great lack in their lives, and are seaching for spiritual food that will strengthen and keep their souls alive.

These people are hungering for God.

Nothing in this world will fill the need of Him in their lives. They realise it is God who can meeet this need, and so they start to search in the Bible, to learn and get this inner help.

Jesus said that he is able to fill this need that we have for God.

Jesus said “I am the bread of life..”

Anyone who come to Him will never experience spiritual hunger again. Jesus can take away the hunger for righteousness by making us righteous.

When our bodied are hungry, we sometimes eat junk food to fill us up. Chips, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks… These are bad for the body and make us unhealthy. They seem to help us in the short term, but they never last.If we eat dinner, or bread and butter, this is good food, that fills us up and gives energy for a long time. This food keeps us healthy.

Jesus is the bread of our souls, and He will fill, us make us strong in His strength and make our inner souls strong and healthy. If we don’t eat the good bread that Jesus offers us, we get weak – we will die…our souls will die.

Jesus is the food of our souls, because He is the one who died to save us. His death purchased eternal life for us, so that we would never die. Spiritual life can only be found in Jesus. If we do not eat the bread of life, we will starve to death..!

As Christians, we need to read the Word of God always. We need to eat the bread of life always, to stay strong in righteousness and in God’s ways.

So, if we are hungry for righteousness, we will look and find Jesus the bread of life.

Thirsting for a drink is a strong and powerful drive in our bodies. We can last a while without food, but we cannot last long without water. When I get thirsty for playing sport, or on a hot day, a person really longs for a cool drink of water. To be thirsty for a long time, is very unconfortable and we will die if we do not get the drink.

It’s like someone in a desert, who has no water left and has a long way to go. They will not make safety, if they dont get water. We long for water, in a dry and thirsty land. We are desperate for it. If we don’t get it soon, we will faint and never wake up.!

Jesus says, “I am the water of life- I am the living water..”

People who feel that inner thirst, can call out to Jesus, and he will give the living water. When we drink of it, we will never thirst again. He is always there to refresh us and sustain us with the power of the Holy Spirit.

When a person become a Christian, they get the new life of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit lives in the life and that fresh and cleansing water, will pour out of your life, ever day. Other peple will see it and know you are a Christian.

So if you are here and you are thirsty for the life that Jesus offers to you, you can come to Him and He will give you that new life that you need.

This is for people who are desperate to have righteousness. This is for people who are so thirsty that they will seek the Lord. Poeple who have tried this world’s refreshments and they are no good. People who hate the evil all around, and want the righteoussness of God with all their hearts.

Are you hungry enough?
Are you thirsty enough?

The truth is, we will only come to Jesus when we see and feel our need. We have to be dying of hunger, and dying of thirst before we will seek Him.

We also have to realsie that this world is no good. The things of this life will never satisfy us and will always leave us hungry and thirsty. This is good day, when we realise this. On this day, we will be hungry and thirsty enough to call our to Jesus, or else we will perish.

Hungering and thirsting for righteousness… what does it look like?

  • I will feel the weight of my sins strongly, and want to get them dealt with and also get strength to not do them again.
  • I want to be in God’s presence, so I want to read the scriptures and pray to God.
  • I want to ask for thigns I need and for to other people who need help.
  • I am praying for people I know who are not seeking God, and aksing God to speak into their lives.
  • I am asking God for power to serve Him and speak for Him.
  • Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness… these things are the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives.