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Beatitude three

Posted: January 25, 2018 in Beatitude three


“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

What does it mean to inherit something?

Your inheritance comes to you when someone in your family dies. You get good things that belong to your family, and they get passed down to you. Jesus says that there are people who will inherit something – something beyond precious.

The meek are people who are not seeking to be great in this life or in this sinful world. They humble themselves and trust that all will be well. They are not necessarily weak, but they are able to depend on the power of God for everything. These are people who have faith in the promises of God.

God’s promises are to those who fear Him. They are people who have been outsiders and have been brought into the inner family of God. They have been given an eternal inheritance that can never be lost or fade away. This inheritance is kept by God for these meek people of His family.

A person can only gain the inheritance when the family member dies.

How can God die?

Jesus came to be the sacrifice to pay for sin. He loves us so much, that He was prepared to suffer and die for us, so that we could have the inheritance of eternal life. Jesus bought our inheritance for us. He took away our rottenness and gave over to us His righteousness. Because of that fact, we can enter in and now have the right to be called children of God.

This is the most amazing privilege.

Because Jesus died, I have an everlasting inheritance that is truly mine.

To qualify for this inheritance, I must be a child of God, a Christian. I must become one of the meek ones that are talked about by Jesus. I must get my sinfulness dealt with and destroyed, so that I can have this new life in God’s family.

People who are like Jesus will have the inheritance.

This world will pass away some day but a new heaven and earth will be revealed. This is the inheritance of the people of God. Heaven itself, a perfect earth where righteousness dwells, and the unending ages of eternity full of love, joy and peace.

Only the meek will want this inheritance. The people of this ruined life are happy to carry on in its ways and culture.

They have no inheritance. At death they loose it all…

In truth, there is no life outside of the inheritance procured by God. There is only one way to benefit from this eternal inheritance- only through Jesus. He is our Saviour and older brother who has made it possible to be brought into the family of God, with Him. Let us be counted with the meek and find all that God has stored up for those that love Him.