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Posted: January 28, 2016 in Heaven

Heaven is a real place and the door stands open for all who will repent of their sins and sinful ways, and believe in the only Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.

He alone is able to forgive us and change our hearts so that we believe and live lives of FAITH. This is our intended state of being. This is where we are happiest and at peace with God and other people.

The alternative is no peace, punishment and sadness… Choose LIFE… Choose heaven…

JESUS stops a funeral

Posted: January 17, 2016 in JESUS stops a funeral


Have you ever been to a funeral? Have you ever been to a funeral of your mother, father? A brother or sister- someone you loved…

 It is a very difficult experience. Death is the end of life. It is inevitable. 100% success rate… Everyone dies and is hurt by death, even when we are alive. It is called the LAST ENEMY. Of all the difficulties we face in our lives, death is the last and the most difficult. It can mean fear, hurt, regret, loss, betrayal, sorrow… these are the sting of death… these are the result of sin…

This story about an event when JESUS was here on earth, is only found in Luke’s gospel. This particular woman had one son, the one who was now in the coffin, and there was no hope of her having another, as she was a widow. It was a devastating scene… Jesus came into this situation, and he knew the problems exactly. He could identify with the woman who was mourning for her dead son.


Jesus sees the woman and his heart is filled with compassion for her. He feels her loss and the pain of the effects of death. He knew he would also taste death and feel it’s sting, and he could feel deeply for her. In the presence of death, it seems hopeless… This was a no win situation, and the battle had already been lost.


Jesus says to her, “Don’t cry..”

It seems a funny thing to say… why should she not cry…! She has lost the last remaining part of her family, and she is now alone in the world and the light of her life has gone out – her precious son… These words tell us that JESUS is not the Lord of misery. JESUS brings peace and joy- He is the one who dispells sorrow – the only one. He loves us. This is the first part of the comfort: DONT CRY….I AM HERE….

JESUS walks up to the coffin.

The religion said that a clean person could not touch the unclean…. But Jesus had often touched the lepers- they were unclean. He touched them and they were made well- clean again..!! JESUS IS DIFFERENT

He is the only one worthy to save the dying and raise the dead, as only He is able to defeat death and take the penalty for sin onto himself.

He did this.His perfect life can give life to the dead. When He touches the unclean, they become clean. So, the carriers of the coffin stopped.

JESUS speaks loudly to the young man inside the coffin. “Young man, I say to you, get up!”

What is JESUS doing….. The young man is dead….! But the young man obeys and sits up, and starts to speak..! I wonder what he said…? Maybe he asked for the grave clothes to be taken off him. Take the bands of my face!! Jesus helps him off the coffin and gives him back to his mother. What a joyful day that turned out to be. She went to bury her son and instead he was raised from the dead…

 The Saviour: JESUS

It was not the raising of a physical body, but the resurrection of an eternal soul. JESUS can raise our physical bodies easily… To raise our souls is another matter.

All of us here are dead in our natural selves. Our bodies are alive, and we think we are alive, but our souls are dead. We do not want God, love God, or even know what it is like to know Him. We think the good things we have are enough, but there is so much more. We are missing the crucial part of ourselves. Our bodies many be alive, but our souls are dead. The inner crucial part of me that lives forever one way or another, the part of me that knows and feels and loves God, and the most important part of how God made me.

Like this young man who lies dead in the coffin, so also do we.

JESUS calls us. He calls to you tonight to “GET UP!” Waken up to the real. Be alive to God.! JESUS is the Resurrection and the LIFE. If you believe Him and do what he says… you will

GET UP…. You will become alive tonight…?  Will you get up?

Will you answer the call of JESUS to be alive….

When you do awake, you will have a new life and you will know that before, you were not really living at all. Everything will change, and you will actually KNOW GOD KNOW JESUS   KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT… This is what a Christian is… It will be a life of great joy (not easy) and will last past this life into eternity. You will start to walk with God as soon as you waken up…

Will you hear and answer and walk with Him?

 The Saviour JESUS is the only one who can waken you from your sleep of death. With your physical ears you hear my voice telling you these things, and Gods voice speaks to you in your inner self… If you resist him, you will stay dead. If you put it off, he might never speak to you again…. that’s very scary.. If you decide for this life, you will die and there will be no resurrection for eternal life. It’s quite an easy message really. Straightforward.

Life or death.

When you are aware of God calling you, and you see your need of him, do what he says….


Mansion builder

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Mansion builder