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Shoes that bring goodness and to all

“feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”Ephesians 6:15

The feet of the Christian are different from other people’s feet. They follow Jesus wherever He leads and are quick to obey and go where He wants them to go.

The need for shoes…

The feet of the Christian has been given shoes to wear for a purpose. These shoes had been given to them by God. They are useful shoes and always lead the right way. They are keen to do the right thing. They are always ready to help others and tell others about Jesus.

Useful shoes…

These feet are quick to help others and to put themselves out to comfort and support another person. This readiness to bring good to other people, is a direct result of the gospel of Jesus.

These shoes have been put on the Christian by “the gospel of peace” The Christian has heard the good news about Jesus and has repented and believed in Him. The have new lives now and they have been so affected by the message of the gospel that their feet are always ready to go and serve. They don’t hold back.

The Christian goes to places where they are able to think about Jesus and serve Him. This is not just church, but anywhere He leads us to go. The street, the place we work, and even other countries.

Places not to go…

There are places they stay away from. Anywhere that leads to temptation or that would cause us to stumble in our Christian lives. Places where people drink and have loud music with bad words. Places where other God’s are worshipped.

These shoes never come off. They are on the feet of every Christian. The  Christian lives in a permanent state of serving the Lord and going where he wants them to go.

How to serve…

We can serve by practically helping people and by actively telling them about the way to God. The love they have experienced from God, they want to share with others.

Always ready….

  • Practical tasks to help people who need help.
  • Giving resources to people who don’t have enough.
  • Taking people to places where they can’t go by themselves.
  • Encouraging people who are bowed down by worry and stress.
  • Teaching people the way to God and how to understand the Bible.
  • Praying for people. Interceding for others is a powerful way to help them.
  • Directing them to people who can help.
  • Involving themselves with other people to be a witness for the Lord Jesus.

These glorious shoes that the Christian wears, brings goodness and blessing to other people.

When we help other people in trouble, or provide something for them that they need, we are a blessing.

It is good to be a blessing.

 How amazing to be a blessing that saves someone from death, not just physical death, but spiritual death. Imagine telling some one you know about Jesus, and they really come to Him.! You will see that person in heaven. There is no greater thing than to save a soul from death and eternal punishment.

This is the mark of every Christian, not just some. The pattern is the life of Jesus, and the prayer is to be like Him. This is the greatest thing.

May our feet have these sacrificial shoes on them, so that we tell the good news to everyone…