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Tyrone Flowers

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The greatest

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Who was the greatest man who ever lived?

Who could decide who this person was anyway..?

The Lord Jesus said that his cousin, John the baptist, was the greatest man ever born. John was a man who owned nothing, had no official job, lived in the backwoods, wore clothes made from materials found in the woods and ate wild food from the forest.

The job that God gave him to do, was to preach to people and tell them to repent and believe in God. He did this with all his heart, and many people did repent.

John did not preach about himself, or make himself look attractive- he was not! When JESUS walked by one day, John told people to look to JESUS and put their trust in HIM. Many did this…

This was what made John amazing- he lived for JESUS and put himself second. It is the same for us too… when we give ourselves to God and put HIM first in our life, he makes us great in his kingdom and we become a son or daughter of Heaven.


Be glorified

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A broken spirit

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” The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and truly sorry heart , O GOD, you will not despise.”

Psalm 51

No human being wants to be broken. No one wants to feel the pain of a sorrowful heart. No body wants to be sorry for the wrong things they have done. We want to be happy – to feel we are better than other people, and stronger and smarter than people we despise.

If it was up to us, we would never say sorry, and just keep building ourselves up in confidence and status. We would never find forgiveness and we would never find GOD.

To have a humble heart, means that God has to deal with us, bring us down to size and help us to see how bad our wrongdoing is. This is painful, and we have to see how bad and we really are , before we will even think about coming to JESUS for forgiveness.

God will not despise us if we come to him and repent of our sins, and put all our trust in Him. God wants us to be true and admit our fault, and he will bring us into his family, and teach us how to love and obey Him, and walk with Him all our lives.

“Create in me a clean heart, O GOD…”

Come quickly LORD

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What is a Christian?

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Bad attitudes

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The way we behave is a reflection of our thinking.

If we don’t respect God, then we won’t be listening to him speak to us (read the Bible) or spending time talking to him (prayer) we will not respect Christians, and therefore treat them quite badly, and cause pain and even fear.

Perhaps we want to feel comfortable in a situation, and so force our ideas on others, intimidate them and “let them know who’s boss .”

This is not Gods way. Jesus walked his life on Earth with total humility- relying on God, rather than his own strategies and devices. So God kept his obedient son, and honoured him above all things.

Pride is in us all, and if we let it rule us, we will fall and fail, and ultimately we will be shown to be foolish.

We need to follow Gods way, and learn to rely on him, not our own wit, which is faulty anyway.

“Humble yourself under Gods will for you, and he will lift you up , when the time is right.”