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The greatest

Posted: September 23, 2014 in The greatest


Who was the greatest man who ever lived?

Who could decide who this person was anyway..?

The Lord Jesus said that his cousin, John the baptist, was the greatest man ever born. John was a man who owned nothing, had no official job, lived in the backwoods, wore clothes made from materials found in the woods and ate wild food from the forest.

The job that God gave him to do, was to preach to people and tell them to repent and believe in God. He did this with all his heart, and many people did repent.

John did not preach about himself, or make himself look attractive- he was not! When JESUS walked by one day, John told people to look to JESUS and put their trust in HIM. Many did this…

This was what made John amazing- he lived for JESUS and put himself second. It is the same for us too… when we give ourselves to God and put HIM first in our life, he makes us great in his kingdom and we become a son or daughter of Heaven.