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Strength in my soul

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Strength in my soul


It is good to feel strong, and be able to do things that we like to do. It is important to look after our bodies and our minds, so that we keep strong and get stronger as time goes on. To have energy is great, and to be able to exercise and play games and work, is part of being really healthy.

Our inner lives need to be strong as well, and we need to have courage and boldness to make the right decisions and do what is right, even when others do not. We have to feed our souls, as we feed our bodies, and reading Gods word the Bible, will make us strong as we learn what is right, and as we think about how it applies to our lives.

When we get tired and energy flags, people turn to sugar drinks, caffeine drinks and other substances, to help us feel better, and more able to do what we want- like a short cut to strength, so that we can enjoy what we do. This is not a good idea. It might seem to work in the short term, but ultimately it damages our health in fundamental ways.

It is similar with our souls. We turn to other things to make us able to cope and to give us some sort of satisfaction. We buy stuff; watch exciting things on the screen, which make us feel better; listen to music; eat lots of tasty food; indulge in risky behaviour… it goes on. None of these will feed our souls, but leave us empty and needing more the next time.

The only one who can feed us truly and fully, is JESUS. He is the “bread of life” To know Him is the greatest meal we can ever have, because he fills our lives with his Holy Spirit, and will never forsake us.

If we are trusting JESUS, He will make us courageous and give us strength in our inner-most souls. A fantastic promise for those who believe it and believe Him.