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DEBORAH: the Judge

Posted: April 26, 2019 in DEBORAH: the Judge




Deborah: A Judge in Israel.

The role of women in the Bible.


Often silent

Names not mentioned

They do amazing things, but are not much talked about or held up as a role model for everyone.

One woman in the Bible stands out.

She is instrumental in leading the Israelite nation.


Gods people had many troubles. God sent judges to help them. The people were disobedient and God allowed them to suffer at the hands of enemies.

But GOD sent them Deborah to rule and judge the people in the power of the Spirit of God and in God’s wisdom.

Deborah ruled in the peoples secular and social needs and also their spiritual needs.

She is an unusual person in scripture, and some Christian groups down play her role and authority and say she wasn’t really a judge. Some people have an idea about God, and they interpret Scripture to fit their own selfish idea.

It is very clear in the Bible that Deborah was a judge.

Still, many leave her out and say she wasn’t really doing what the men did, but it is easy to see that that is really a kind of prejudice, and the idea some people have that women should not have been in that leading role. God thinks differently.

What was an OT judge?

Leader of the people as there was no king. The people were ruled by God, and the Judges were men and women set apart to rule and lead wisely, and give the people the messages from God as there was no written Word of God as yet.

Deborah was given this place.

She was a woman set apart to serve God and was filled with the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that only God can give.

Deborah told people how to be acceptable to God.

Everyone went to her. The men did not go somewhere else..!

Everyone listened.

Barak was the secular leader of the army.

Barak was also wise and he realized to was wise to listen to Deborah, and follow her lead.

Deborah told Barak what God wanted him to do. Barak was not grieved about that. He wanted to follow God’s commands, so he listened to Deborah.

Often in Christian circles, men are not happy to listen to a woman. They feel “embarrassed’ and some are full of pride and think that they can’t be told what to do by a mere woman.

This shows a bad attitude to women, and a very proud heart.

In Christian meetings the men are allowed to speak and if a woman says something, it causes a problem.

Barak was not that way.

Barak asked for Deborah to be around.

What made Deborah different?

She was set apart by God and for God. She also set herself apart and kept her life right and was obedient to God. She couldn’t speak for God, if her life was lazy and careless.

Deborah was able to speak for God because she loved God and knew Him for herself. She has a personal relationship with God.

This is the case for every Christian.

Deborah realized she didn’t need the money, stuff and goods of this life. All she needed and wanted was in the Lord her God. This is what set her apart. She trusted Him and all her life belonged to Him.

So….. I am not Deborah…

What does God mean to me?

Do I just want His help when things are difficult, but when I’m managing ok, I want to do whatever I like.?

Love? What does it mean to love God.?

What does it mean to love anyone?

Love, respect, listen to what they say…

How could Jesus have gone so far to forgive my sins.?

It’s hard to take in that kind of love.

Maybe we don’t feel we want that kind of commitment.

We want to be a bit free to do whatever we want…

I didn’t ask Jesus to die for me…

These responses show that we don’t really realise the seriousness of our sins, or the condemnation that hangs over us…

Jesus offers us a new life, complete forgiveness for all my evil deeds and ways.

He offers us the presence of His gracious Holy Spirit and the presence of God in our lives to help us to follow Him.

When the day of battle came, Deborah led the armies of God out with Barak. The people of God overcome and the enemies were defeated and killed.

Those who follow God are victorious.

Hearing about Deborah should motivate us to seek the Lord, and live Holy lives for His sake.

Then we will be victorious over all our enemies and we will know God peace in our hearts.

May we know God in that way and be women and men for His glory…