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Seeing JESUS part 2

Posted: January 18, 2019 in Seeing JESUS part 2

JESUS is anointed at Bethany





Matthew 26:6-13 WEB   “Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came to him having an alabaster jar of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on his head as he sat at the table. But when his disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor.” But Jesus, knowing this, said to them, “Why do you trouble the woman? For she has done a good work for me. For you always have the poor with you; but you don’t always have me. For in that she poured this ointment on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial. Most assuredly I tell you, wherever this gospel will be preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be spoken of for a memorial of her.” 

 This amazing event of worship and adoration came from the heart of a woman.

Jesus and His disciples were visiting Bethany, which was about two miles from Jerusalem. They had come for the Passover, and very soon, Jesus was to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Jesus has been invited to supper at the house of Simon, known as Simon the leper. He may well have been one of the lepers Jesus cleansed at the beginning of His ministry, and Simon did not forget what he owed to the Lord.

There was on other cure for leprosy, only the healing power of Jesus. Simon would not have been allowed to live with his family, if he was unclean and a leper.

All these people were reclining at the table sharing food and conversation. Toward the end of the meal, a woman arrives in the room and goes to sit at the feet of Jesus.

This woman is some one who is not regarded as good enough for society. She is certainly not good enough to touch Jesus, or to bless Him in any way. She  has had a sinful life, therefore the religious people cast her out and condemn her. She has fallen into sin, and is unforgiven and unforgivable.

This is not the attitude of Jesus.Jesus knows this woman and she has been forgiven by Jesus, and all her past sins are gone. Only the sinfully self-righteous continue to condemn her.

This woman has heard that Jesus is in this house, and is moved by the Holy Spirit to carry out this act of devotion. She has a jar of very expensive perfumed oil, which she is saving for the future. It might be her retirement money, or for a day in the future when she will be in need.

The woman takes this alabaster jar, breaks off the top, and pours the contents over Jesus head. The oil runs down over Jesus hair, face, neck and shoulders. This is the action of a blessed person, anointing the Lord’s King. She is giving Jesus His rightful place in her life and showing to the ungodly men sitting around the table, exactly who Jesus is.

This is a dedication to the cross and the grave that are coming to Jesus very soon.Through this sacrifice of Himself for His people, Jesus is showing that He is the Suffering servant, the Redeemer, the only Saviour, and the King over all Kings forever. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

This woman knows what the others do not. He adores her Saviour and God. She anoints Him as her King and demonstrates her faith, that He will be her portion in the future and he whole faith and love is in him and for Him.

She is a demonstration of what Christians should be like.Her motivation is absolute love. Nothing is worth anything to her, compared to Christ. She is overcome with gratitude and the generous demonstration of her faith and love.

She stands in stark contrast to the men around the table. The Disciples were angry and offended at her. They considered what she did to be a waste of time and money. They moaned about all the poor people who could have benefited for this cash.! They only saw the physical outpouring of the oil and not the motivation and devotion of this woman, making such a sacrifice to the one who was about to give up his life for her. The disciples couldn’t see that… they are earth bound. Their spiritual senses are dull.

Maybe they expressed this out loud, because Jesus rebukes them for troubling and upsetting the woman. Maybe they even pushed her out the door. How dare she invade their quiet meal…

Jesus is the only one who understands. We must never forget this. People will harass us and blame us and criticize us, but Jesus always understands. He tells the disciples that they will have plenty of opportunity to minister to the poor, but He will soon be gone from their presence.

Jesus tells them that He will soon be dying on the cross and buried. He woman has anointed Him in preparation for that burial. These disciples will not be there to watch over their Lord, because they will almost all be gone, in fear. We only see the disciples John at the cross and when Jesus is taken down and quickly buried in the tomb.

 The expensive ointment is the out flowing of love for the Lord Jesus, and an indication of who He is.

 He was buried with the rich in His death…. he is being anointed as the priest of God and bringer of salvation to sinful people.

Don’t worry if people don’t agree, support, listen to you. Just follow the Lord Jesus and put Him first in all circumstances. Give Him your best love. Obey Him and give Him all the glory, in your life.

Jesus said that this woman, though she has no name, is remembered by Christians and in every place the gospel is preached. Her memorial remains to this day. It is powerful.

She teaches us what it means to love Jesus and to lift Him high to the exalted place in our hearts.

I wonder why she has no name?

Jesus knows the name of all His people. He knows everything about them.

It can seem strange that men are named and identified and put down on the text of Scripture, but women are not.

God does everything for our good. He knows that this woman will love Him and adore Him, without encouragement. She does not need to see her name in the book. She does not need to be recognized, as she is happy to give everything to the Lord, without holding back.

She has not come to this house to make a scene, or put herself forward, but to pour out her life to Jesus. Getting your name seen, can be a big problem to us, because we are sinful. The recognition can be a trap that Satan can use to make our life and service ineffective.

Even though her name is not given, her person is lifted up by Jesus as someone we should emulate and her life has become a pattern of all Christian women and men.