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Naomi- migrant refugee

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Naomi- migrant refugee

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Naomi lived in the land of Israel, she was one of God’s people. She loved and followed God with her husband Elimalech and two sons, Malon and Chilion. They decided to leave Israel, because there was a recession and there were no jobs or food, and it was getting very hard to live there.


They settled in the land of Moab and Malon and Chillion married Moabite women. Life seemed much better there until tragedy struck…

Elimalech, Malon and Chillion died and Naomi was left alone. She must have wondered why God was doing these things in her life, and why she was experiencing so much tragedy. Maybe she began to blame herself for what had happened, and maybe she thought God was against her or even punishing her.

Naomi had no means of financial support now, and was in danger of loosing her home and she certainly did not have a lot to eat, or to keep her warm.

She had her two daughters-in-law Ruth and Orpah, but there were not from the Israelite people. They did not understand the ways of God, although she had told them about the God of Israel many times. Even so she had to rely on them for her daily needs. Maybe she felt bad about this, but they were both kind, and looked after their mother-in-law.

Naomi was glad for the comfort that her two daughters gave to her, and it helped her to cope with the sadness and loss that she felt. She felt a strong desire to go back to her own people, and to find refuge and help from them. She thought of God and how she used to go to the temple and worship Him. She decided to return to Israel.

She told her daughters and said thank you to them for their kindness, but she wanted to go home. They were both heartbroken at this news, but Naomi comforted them and said they could go back to their own families. Orpah decided to do this and went back to the land of Moab.


Ruth chose to go with Naomi to be part of God’s people.

She was very determined. “Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God” (1:16).

Ruth became a blessing to her Mother- in –law and put her trust in the God of Israel. All those lessons about her Father in heaven had paid off and the times Naomi had spent talking to Ruth about trusting in God, had helped Ruth to put her trust in Him.

Naomi was too old to work, so Ruth had to go out to work, and it was hard work. Ruth gathered up corn from the fields as leftovers, so that she and Naomi could have food to eat. God gave Ruth the ability to do this work. It was hard and she and Naomi were very low down in the social scale of that society. Every day Ruth gleaned around the fields and brought the proceeds to Naomi.

God does provide for us, but it can be hard work, and might not be what we are looking for, but God is working in our lives and and he has a plan that we do not see…


Ruth met Boaz, a Israelite man, who fell in love with her, and she became his wife. This was no ordinary family… Their son Obed was the Grand-father of King David… Obed, Jesse, David… David is a direct ancestor of Jesus!!

The little Moabitess, the outsider, became part of the family of Jesus.

This is what God delights to do… God takes little and makes it much…

He takes people who are disregarded by this world, and makes them part of is royal family.

Those who trust in Him, are never sent away, or disregarded. We need to be whole-hearted about following Jesus…. He will lead us safely to heaven….

The fact that Naomi decided to leave Israel, is a decision that seemed to bring her much heartache, but God intended it for good.

Look at what happened…her husband died and he two sons died, leaving her with no family. She was unable to support herself, but this made her think of her God, and that she could trust Him. This is one of the reasons for trouble- so that we find ourselves depending on God and not ourselves.

When I have trouble, do I trust God, or try to just get out of it…?

He brought Ruth into His royal family and made her a member of the family of God like Naomi. Ruth had to make a choice, to go back to Moab, or to join God’s people. She followed the Lord, because of Naomi. Naomi was a good witness to Ruth. God changed Ruth’s heart, and she then followed Him.

Am I trusting in the Lord Jesus like Ruth? Have I turned from my old sinful life, and followed Him?

  • When others try to get me to leave Him and follow them, I will not go. I will stand firm for Jesus.?
  • When I am disappointed with life, and I have no energy to go on, I will look to Him and trust Him.?
  • When temptations come and the enemy wants to distract me from God, I will keep to the right way, and follow on.?
  • When I fail, I can come to Jesus and be forgiven and ask Him to make me strong in His love.?

The Christian life is a life walked with God, against all the things that come against us. Every Christian is a victorious person – we get the victory through JESUS.

We may face disappointments, pain, heartache, temptations, and failures in ourselves, but The Lord Jesus is able to bring us through, if we trust Him…