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Walking on water

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Walking on water


JESUS had just fed over 5,000 people with a packed lunch donated by a small boy. He also sent the Disciples out to sea. JESUS takes himself apart from all around him and climbs the mountain, to pray and have fellowship with the Father.

Meanwhile, the disciples were in great trouble, far out in the middle of the Sea of GALILEE, because a powerful storm had blown up and was causing huge waves to toss the boat about and made it hard to control. They were so tired from the struggle, and in the darkness, around 3 o’clock in the morning, they noticed a human-shaped figure coming towards them. The disciples in their terror cried out that it was a ghost come to whisk them away to death..

JESUS speaks to his disciples. He knows they are afraid

“Don’t be afraid, have courage, I am here with you…”
The wind and waves were still churning, and really, they were more concerned about that, except one of them….
Peter is the one who calls out first. He shouts across the waves,
“Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”

 JESUS tells him to come to him.. What would you do? Would you step out onto the water?

Peter had faith to leave the boat and trust JESUS to keep him on the top of the water and not drown in the depths of the sea.

Would you have risked that? If you were in Peter’s shoes, what would you do?

Perhaps you have heard about JESUS when you come to church or the outreach meetings, and it rings true, but you are finding it difficult to trust what JESUS is saying to you. Maybe you feel in a similar position to Peter. In fact, everyone who comes to JESUS finds themselves in this position. A position of wondering and doubt, but wanting to believe…but not being sure…

Peter stepped over the edge to go to his Saviour. He did believe. He could see JESUS, the one he loved the most, and he exercised his faith in him, and stepped out.

This is a great picture of what it means to believe. The troubles of life were still there, the raging of problems and unbelief were still there, but Peter stepped out. It was the first step…

He walked on the water to JESUS… Peter’s faith held up. He was walking to JESUS…
BUT… he looked at the storm, he heard the wind howling, the terror gripped his heart again, and his faith failed….

Peter had to learn, that his faith was not sufficient. His eyes had looked at the waves, and had taken away his amazing faith. So with us also. Whatever trust I think I have in JESUS, it will fail. I am not able to save myself by just hoping against hope that I will have enough faith to please JESUS and to keep me walking with Him.

Peter is sinking…drowning…

BUT Peter does the right thing…. he calls out to JESUS – 3 words.


JESUS heard him. Even though Peter had failed, JESUS loved him and reached out and lifted him up and rescued him from certain drowning. The love of CHRIST for sinful people is beyond understanding. He saves all those who call out to him, from a sincere heart. I am not able to save myself, but I know He is able….

Peter needed the rescue of JESUS desperately…. he could see there was no other hope for him. He calls out in deep need…. It is the same for us. We need JESUS. We need forgiveness – rescue – life-saving help for our souls, and when we realize that, it is a good state to be in.

I need JESUS now…

When I call out JESUS is right there to help me and He gives me the faith to trust him.

JESUS calmed the storm, and everyone could see who He is… We need to trust Him and call out for rescue from the storms of our sinful lives. He will rescue us, just like he did for Peter.