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Posted: November 18, 2014 in Elijah


The prophets of Baal, tore themselves apart trying to prove they were right, and that the eternal God doesn’t see sin. Their motivations where completely selfish, and the desire to save face and keep their conceited ideas under wraps, brought them to destruction.

God raised up a prophet, a man who knew God personally and to whom God spoke personally and there were no secrets hidden from Elijah, and he confounded everyone with what he did in the strength of God.

Elijah called the prophets of Baal, to a contest. Only the eternal God could win this competition, but in their pride and folly, the prophets thought they had a chance. God showed them up for what they were, and they were humiliated and finally destroyed by the hand of Elijah.

No one can stand against the power of God, and no one can avoid the day of reckoning, which all those who have no Saviour Christ, will face. We are either operating under the authority and love of The Saviour Jesus, or we are fighting against him.

Why would you cut yourself off from everlasting life, for the sake of your social standing, or the opinion of others, who will not speak for you.

Lay down your guns and weapons, and watch His holy fire change everything…