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Posted: November 18, 2015 in Confidence


We can find ourselves in situations where we bolster our sense of weakness with other things around us. Hanging around with the dangerous crowd, can give a sense belonging and protection from others. If we dress a certain way, it makes us think we belong to the “right” kind of crowd, and the music we listen to helps us to identify with whatever happens to be popular.

The truth is much more straightforward and anyone can enter into the strength and confidence given by someone outside our circle. If I trust in the LORD, and put Him up as number one in my life, it will give me protection and support forever. As I give up myself, so I gain strength and power to walk along the right path to life.

Hope and confidence comes for GOD. I might think if comes from something else, but it is only a passing fashion. Those who put all their confidence in the LORD, will be permanent trees by the rivers of living water. Nothing will move you, and you will thrive and become strong in character and rightness…