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When we read the words of JESUS, it is utterly outrageous that he should expect us to live as he says. His way of doing things doesn’t work in the “real” world, and I won’t survive very long if I really do what he did, and do what he says I should.

Love my enemies! Pray for people who hurt me! Give people what they ask for and don’t ask for it back! If someone takes my stuff- let them have it!!


So if the bullies hit me, I just take it… This is too much. I will end up with nothing and everyone will take advantage of me.

JESUS walked this Earth and kept to these truths, even though many people did hate him, and despised him, and in the end they had him killed. He was beaten up so badly, that you couldn’t tell who he was… he let them do it, because he trusted himself to God and knew that God would vindicate him in the end.

He died for loves sake, love for cruel us, and demonstrated the opposite life – not man’s life but God’s life. We can walk this way too, but only in FAITH and LOVE for him who loved us first.


God so loved…

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When someone does a kind thing for us, it makes us feel valued and even loved.

Something unexpected, gives a kind of thrill, that we remember and helps us to have that feeling of belonging.

What is the most unexpected event that has every happened? An event that no one was looking for, or would have dreamed about in a million years…

The Eternal God became a human being, and lived his perfect life among sinful people he had made, so that he could rescue them from punishment. Then something even more unexpected happened… he gave up his life, dying in agony, to pay that terrible cost for the rescue of such worthless beings.

Even more unexpected… he came back to life… and he can raise to life all who confess their sins and believe in Him.

Most unexpected of all. He can change us completely and make us ready for heaven, and he will be with us through all our lives, changing us, until we get there.

Heaven… that will then become the most unexpected place of all..!!


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My friend reminded me today, that I am a child of Zion.

Sounds like I am someone regal or from a great city somewhere…

When I come to Jesus for a new life, he takes away the burden of guilt for all my sins, and brings me into his family- the royal family of heaven. The Bible calls heaven “Zion” and is the place where the King of Kings lives and all his children will be there with him on the last great day. Time will be no more, and all trouble gone, and sins finally put away forever.

If you are trusting in Jesus, this is your destiny, and no one can take it away. As you face temptation, remember – child of Zion, that he has conquered the battle already, and will help you face it and fight it.

Remi Adeleke

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The Robertsons

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We all want stuff

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IMG_1705 IMG_1706

It’s the human way.

I have a strong desire to get the things that attract me, and that help me fit in with everyone else. It doesn’t matter what the cost is, or how unreasonable it is to pressurise my parents, I still want the stuff.

I cannot run the risk of being different, or standing out for the wrong reasons. I need the trainers, the jacket, the hairdo, the accessories, so that I am part of the crowd and won’t be picked on for wearing “cheap” stuff.

I’m quite insecure, really, and am not very good at sticking up for the right things, or choosing a reasonable way to behave or live my life. I get pushed around by others and find myself always worrying about how I look or speak.

Its a prison for me, and I don’t know how to get out of it. I seems to want more and more, and I need money badly.

A man who had almost nothing said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” How can someone who has nothing, give me everything? He also said, if I live my life in this world the way I want, I will loose it. And if I give up what I want for His sake, I will save it.

JESUS had nothing, yet he was the Lord of the Universe. He says I can trust him, and I will gain everything that lasts forever….