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Living water

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Living water


JESUS was on a long walking journey, when He stopped for a rest at an ancient well in Samaria.

The Lord of heaven and earth was tired and thirsty, amd had to stop for a drink..!

A woman from the town came out to the well to get water. She was not with the other women, because they did not consider her good enough to be around them. Yet JESUS was waiting for her and when she came to draw water, he asked her for a drink of water.

She was very supprised, as JESUS was a Jew and Jews and Samaritans had no love for each other. Racist tensions kept people apart and prejudice fed the hatred in human hearts. She didn’t know how JESUS was going to get water, as He had no rope or bucket… But JESUS offered her LIVING WATER…

This water is a spring of everlasting life, within a person, and invigorates their lives- bring eternal life forever. It is life that brings us to God and we can know Him in our lives and we follow JESUS to be like him.

JESUS showed her that he is the Messiah. She believed and ran to the town to tell others.

This is what God does in a persons life, he shows us our weaknesses and sins, and forgives us, giving LIVING WATER that bubbles up inside us and invigorates and refreshes us every day. We become alive to God and His Holy Spirit comes to live in us.

All we have to do is BELIEVE…