Beatitude nine

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Beatitude nine


Beatitude 9

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Matthew 5:11-12

Beatitude eight was a blessing on people who suffer because of their righteous lives. This is a very difficult trouble to cope with. This next and last beatitude is similar, and we are shown wonderful blessings in it.

Personal injury

It says that we are blessed is we are caused personal insult and injury because we belong to Jesus.

There are many situations in life that will be difficult for you when people find out you are a Christian. Some people will not like it because your life will make them feel bad about what they are doing. They will insult you and say evil against you behind your back and sometimes to your face.

Some people may make up stories about you and tell untruths about things you have done. They will try to get other people to hate you and have a bad opinion of you. Sometimes we might have done that to someone too….

Who is the enemy?

The enemy of God and Christians and all humans, wants to keep things bad and he doesn’t want anyone to know God and find out how good God is and how wonderful it is to belong to Him. So he will make up stories and lies and he will use other people to spread them around. He is very hateful and does not want any human to know God or be blessed. He hates humans, just because God loves them, and wants them to come to Him.


Satan is full of spite and will do anything to keep you away for Jesus. He tells only lies, and he uses people to do his dirty work.

God loves human beings, and He even sent His Son, Jesus to die for them. He did not die for the devil and the devil is full of fury because of that… eveything he does is hateful and unkind. If we are hateful and unkind, we are doing his work for him.


So, if you are a Christian and you are experiencing this hatefulness, Jesus said,

“Rejoice and be glad”

Not be sorry and cry about it, but be really happy. Because if you stand up to the hate, there is great reward in heaven…


Heaven seems a long way away.

It hard to think about it, it seems unreal.

An unseen world

God says we must not just look at the outward things, but at the things we have that are unseen. Christians have the Holy Spirit living in them, and to know His power and love is the greatest thing…! It is really heaven living inside of us. It is the love we have from God to show us that we are His children. If you have this, you are so blessed, and you will know it.

This helps us to overcome the painful words and experiences in this life. We will know inside our souls, that heaven will be great and we won’t want to let our Lord Jesus down, but giving in to the evil words about us.

The inner life

That inner life we have with God, is the real life of heaven. Don’t be discouraged if people turn against you for walking in God’s ways.

The people in the Bible followed God and especially the prophets. If you read the Bible you will read about their troubles and heartaches.

Jeremiah was thrown into a pit to die. He told people they needed to repent and change their ways… they didn’t like that…

Elijah was dedicated to God. The wicked king Ahab hated him because God listened to Elijah’s prayers. Ahab tried to kill him, so he had to run away into the wilderness. God kept Elijah safe and fed him food brought with the ravens.

Danielworked for a godless king Darius. He refused to stop praying to God. The jealous colleagues set him up and Daniel ended up in the den of lions. He stayed there all night, and God protected him and the lions left him alone.

Annawho lived in the temple of God and prayed day and night, waited until she was 84 years, before she saw the promised Messiah. She never stopped believing, even though nothing seemd to be happening…

All these Prophets of God suffered because they believed and spoke God’s word, but they now rejoice in the presence of their Lord and God. If we also hold fast, we will also rejoice.

What a blessing to be counted with them, those amazing heroes of the faith..!

So, let us not be weak and scared about our faith. Let us speak up and live our lives for Jesus.

Pray for enemies

In fact, Jesus told us to do something really powerful. He tells us to actually pray for your enemies and for people who use you and treat you like a slave. This is the inner power of the Holy Spirit, to love people and not hate them.

This is the oposite to Satan’s way. This is the way that will overcome in the end.

This is the way that will make you blessed. When God blesses, he blesses you and makes you like Him..!

So we end the Beatitudes in the realms of heaven. We can walk this earth with God in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the most amazing blessing, so we must seek it with all our hearts.

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