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When we read the words of JESUS, it is utterly outrageous that he should expect us to live as he says. His way of doing things doesn’t work in the “real” world, and I won’t survive very long if I really do what he did, and do what he says I should.

Love my enemies! Pray for people who hurt me! Give people what they ask for and don’t ask for it back! If someone takes my stuff- let them have it!!


So if the bullies hit me, I just take it… This is too much. I will end up with nothing and everyone will take advantage of me.

JESUS walked this Earth and kept to these truths, even though many people did hate him, and despised him, and in the end they had him killed. He was beaten up so badly, that you couldn’t tell who he was… he let them do it, because he trusted himself to God and knew that God would vindicate him in the end.

He died for loves sake, love for cruel us, and demonstrated the opposite life – not man’s life but God’s life. We can walk this way too, but only in FAITH and LOVE for him who loved us first.