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Posted: December 1, 2014 in Counting

Christams 2008 002

It’s the first day of the Christmas season, and only 24 days to go to Christmas day. I hope you all have a lovely time with family, good food and happy times together.

For some it is not quite such a happy time, and the glittering merchandise in the shops, seems to make their situation feel worse than usual. We are supposed to be happy, but if I am not, what does that mean?

Imagine being taken away from your family for many years, all your possessions are stripped away, you become homeless and desperately poor and have to rely on the kindness of the people around you to just survive. No one understands you, even when you do them good, and they even hate you, because you make then feel bad by your searching words.

There are no Christmas days for you, and you never see your family again.

Such was the life of countless Africans, who were stolen away from their lives in their own country, and taken to Britain and American in horrific ships, to be sold for a pittance as a slave.

Such was the life of the Eternal Son of God, who came down to us, to live with us and give himself up for our sakes. When the slaves heard of such a one, who lived like them and was so disregarded, it is not surprising than many turned to him and found hope and love, which was absent from their earthly lot.

Whatever state we are in this Christmas, let us seek out the God who loved us enough to give up everything, humble himself and identify with lost people like us, so he could save us.