Command 4

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Command 4, The Commands


How do we spend our time as young people?
How do adults spend their time?
Work takes up most of our time…

God knows what we are like, even though we don’t know ourselves.
The ten commandments are given by Him for our good.

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
On the seventh day, do no work…”


Christians meet together on that day, to praise God, learn from the Bible, and pray together.

This day of rest is a picture of a wonderful day that is coming when Christians will be together in heaven with Jesus. This is called the eternal rest.

No work, no chores, no need for money. Everyone will be free form sin and will rejoice to be there. with Jesus.

Are you ready for that day? Are you still rushing around trying to get the most out of this world? This world will pass away one day, and it will bring in another eternal kingdom, where sin is gone, death and sickness are gone, and those who trust in Jesus will be forever free.

All that those people of God will do is only full of enjoyment, peace and rest.

When you are tired of work- think about what God offers you in Jesus, and ask Him to give you that rest and peace with Himself….



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