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He’s coming soon

Posted: November 22, 2014 in He's coming soon


In the not too distant future, all this sorry time will be over, and all hurts will be gone and sin will be a forgotten memory. The King of the Ages will return to his broken planet and will emancipate all his children, who are eagerly awaiting his return, and they will be forever with him, their true souls delight and love. Never again will there be anger, suffering, loneliness, brokenness of heart, but only joy unspeakable. Everything will be total enjoyment and liberty of body, thought and spirit, as every heart will be free and redeemed finally, from the traces of sin.

This Living Eternal King will also return to judge the inhabitants of this infested planet, those who have not turned from wickedness and have rejoiced in evil. They will get what they have chosen, a life of suffering, pain and anguish, far away for God and tormented by a condemning conscience.

No sin will be left unpunished. Either we trust in The Lord Jesus to pay that price for us, or we pay it ourselves, forever.

Every child of Zion, is watching the skies and waiting for the arrival of the Lord of the Universe. It will, be spectacular. No one will miss it. The heart of every Christian longs for this amazing event, and their constant prayer is…

“Come soon, Lord Jesus..”