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Posted: November 25, 2016 in Denial


Peter stood up for Jesus throughout his time as His follower on Earth. He was bold and strong in his defence of Jesus’ person  and promised to protect Jesus from anyone who would go against Him.  Jesus had to rebuke Peter’s keeness to protect Him even to using violence against enemies.

The day came when Jesus was arrested and brutally treated and sentenced to death. Peter was shocked to see his Lord in such a terrible state. He was frightened that he also would be treated that way, but at the same time he wanted to be near Jesus.

The dreadful moment came. Someone recognised Peter, and asked him if he was a disciple of Jesus. Peter denied his Lord. Three times this happened and the last time, he said he never knew Jesus and confirmed it with swearing and curses….

At that moment, the cockerel crowed…

Peter was devastated… His whole world caved in. He left the place and went outside into the dark and wept bitterly….

Every one of us has done this. We need to feel the grief Peter felt that night.

Jesus died and was buried and the third day rose again as the glorious Lord of all. Jesus made Peter breakfast at the beach and forgave him and lifted him up as an Apostle in The Kingdom.

Peter never forgot these events. His life belongs to his Master and Peter serves his Lord all his life and at the end laid it down for His sake…

We all fail, but Jesus stands ready to forgive and lift us up to serve Him forever. Unless we recognise our failure and denial of who Jesus is and how sinful we are, we will never be sorry.

Sorry is the hardest place to be, but in taking that place, we gain everything. Jesus can and will forgive us, as He did Peter, and that brings true peace and true glory.