Command 6

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Command 6, The Commands

Command 6: DO NOT KILL

What is murder?

The dreadful idea of deliberately killing someone, strikes fear into most peoples hearts.

To take a knife and plunge it into a persons chest and murdering them, is the picture of horror films. And yet we hear so much of it. On the media, it passes as entertainment… This week it has come very close to our reality.

God tells us murder is wrong and we shouldn’t entertain it…

Human beings kill each other, it has been so from the beginning of time. It springs from a lot of other sins that we allow to fester in our hearts.

God himself is affected by it.

Jesus deliberately allowed sinful and wicked humans like us, to murder Him. He deliberately suffered terrible pain, grief and crushing shame, so that we could be forgiven. He loves us in a way that we will probably never understand. He rose from the dead! The price for sin has been paid and anyone who puts their trust in Jesus can be forgiven and made new.

It free. Jesus has paid it all.

Abdul heard this.

I do not know if he trusted Jesus for himself. I now that many of you here tonight have heard it over and over…

The Word of God tells us, that if we don’t believe what God says and trust Jesus, there is no forgiveness. I know there are other religious that say other things, but the Bible tells us there is only one way to God, only one way to heaven. There is no discussion with God, or deals to be made about how good I think I am.

The standard to be in Gods kingdom is perfection. And not one of us has it. The Bible describes us as lost- blind- lame- dead in sins. Dead people don’t choose. If I do not seek God before my human life ends, I am eternally lost.

This is very worrying…

I must put trust in the right thing. The stakes for my eternal soul, couldn’t be higher! If I put my faith in the wrong person, I will be eternally lost. God will not allow me and my sins into heaven – he is Holy. So he will send me to a place where I can have my sins and pay for them forever.

This is very worrying

Who is in charge?

God is not a namby-pamby wooly old man in the sky. He made everything. It all belongs to Him and He controls everything. Some people say that the devil controls this world, but No. God is Sovereign. Here’s a scary thought…

If God is in control, then why does He allow terrible murders?

Nothing happens outside God’s control. This has serious consequences for my thinking about the world, myself and who exactly God is!

God is not to be messed with. He holds your life right now. He decided your life, when you were born, when you will die. Nothing surprises Him.

Young people who die, makes us very shocked and sad and we wonder why?

I think you now the answer already- We do not know. God carries out His sovereign will and he often does not tell us why. Our reaction, should be, if we have faith in Him, is to commit the situation to Him.

“Lord, I don’t know why you allowed this to happen, but I trust you that you will bring good out of this, and people will see how wonderful you are.”


Some people get very angry with God.

Why do we get upset and furious with God?

  • Our pride wants answers.
  • Our pride wants to blame God. God gives us our lives- they belong to Him.
  • Our pride will not allow God to rule, especially over ME! Pretending we are the boss.

 This is what keeps us out of heaven and the untold riches of God.

We give up eternal life, joy, peace and everlasting love, for our own silly ideas.!

Death is a most dreadful event. We should all fear it. It separates people from each other, it tears families apart, there is no way back. If I do not humble myself before God in this life, it is too late when I die.

Therefore, we need to think very seriously about where we stand. If you feel and hear God calling you in your mind, or your conscience, you had better respond to Him. It is the most important thing ever, because it will decide where you will spend all you eternity.

Either you pay for your sins forever, or you ask Jesus to take you in and forgive you and make you a new person. He will make you a powerful person. You will have the Holy Spirit living in you and He will given you courage and strength, and help you overcome temptations.

Or, you can struggle all your life with your weaknesses and fear, your sins will overcome you, and never really be content. And then loose our souls forever.

Its not a difficult choice, and yet it is, because we really don’t want the Lord.

The Jews in the NT said about JESUS “we will not have this man to reign over us.”

God took them at their word and they perished. We need to be careful what we say to God…

The book of Lamentations says this…

“Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?

Look around and see.

Is any suffering like my suffering

 This is from the OT.It a prophecy about what the Lord Jesus was to suffer many years later. The prophet calls out to us… Do you even care what is happening here? You just glance at the suffering Saviour and walk on by…

He says to us, was there ever any suffering like that of the Lord Jesus Christ?

He was the perfect Son of God, and they battered Him to death, beat deep furrows into His back, and the crushing weight of the wrath of God for my sin, was put on Him. JESUS bore that on the cross!!

God’s anger is a most dreadful thing. He is angry with the wicked everyday. He is incensed by sin. The way we treat Him, each other, our own bodies!!


Killing is the end result of a long chain of hate. Resenting people, gossiping about people, assassinating someone’s character.

Building up in our minds, all sorts of hatreds, jealousies, And finally, we may even take up a weapon and murder someone. We have all killed. We have hated and scorned.

But most of all we have hated Him. The one person who loves us to suffer such ignominy. To take the eternity of wrath that God has stored up for me. He took it on himself, so that I could go free.

What am I doing?

Why do I excuse myself and blame God…

The Bible tells us why… WE ARE FOOLS. WE ARE EVIL to let such an opportunity go by.

If something happened to you tonight- where would you go? We have no guarantees for tomorrow, we just presume.

We listen to the self-justifying lies of this world and we are duped.

We have today so therefore we will have tomorrow- This is FOLLY

Don’t put it off.

If God is speaking to you tonight. Come to Him.

Confess your sins and ask Him to make you new again.

Give your life back to Him and you will never be sorry.


Find an adult you trust. Come and talk to me.

Booklets to take with you




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