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Ephesians 4of1

Posted: June 20, 2018 in Ephesians 4of1



We are covered by God’s grace in all situations…

Verse 7 “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8 that he lavished on us…”

We are looking at part 4 of Ephesians chapter 1 and the long list of blessings that the Christians believer enjoys because they are part of God’s family. We will also think about things the unbeliever seriously misses out on because they refuse to believe.

We are looking at this small part of verses verses 7 and 8. Regarding the grace of God and His supreme mercy to sinful people.

We start at the point of the forgiveness of sins. This is where everything starts for the Christian. We reach the place of repentance, and bring our confession to God. We understand that our need can only be met by God. So we humble ourselves and repent. We give our lives to Him. We have redemption from the slavery of life under sin, and the atonement made for us, buy the blood of Christ. As Jesus paid for us to be free so we have complete forgiveness for all our sin and moral failure.

This is because of the grace of God. There is no other reason why we are saved for sin, except for the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. We do not deserve it, and we could never earn it.  It is free, undeserved grace…!

This is the start…

Now the Christian life is all about grace.

Seeing God’s grace in our lives can be difficult, because we are not used to thinking about life as God see it. We are born into this world and are automatically earthly minded. A mind centered on God, starts when you become a Christian. God sets you free from sin and its deadly hold on you. He wakens up your soul and you become alive to God. That is the first glimpse of grace we see.

All our life from then on is a growing understanding of that amazing grace, and how we are totally dependant on it. The trouble is, we have a tendency to depend on ourselves, and try to keep control of things. This stops us seeing it.

Sometimes we might notice it when we are feeling very weak, and don’t think we can do certain things today, and God just gives you power to do what you are supposed to do…

Maybe someone is troubling you. God gives us the strength to do and say the right thing, even though we might feel we can’t do it.

Maybe we feel afraid about things in our lives and don’t know how to face up to them, or how to talk to people about it. God will give you the strength. We must pray and examine our lives as well, but God promises that His grace is sufficient for you—- every day.!

God’s grace strengthens us in trouble and in the good times too. When we are in trouble we know we need God, and we pray and stay close to Him. But when things go well, we are tempted to think we can manage. We stop depending on God, and temptations come along we are inclined to do wrong things.
God’s grace keeps us in dangers, and in temptations and in good times too.

Some Christians suffer great hardship and trouble, and yet they keep on believing.. God’s grace keeps them.

Some Christians have blessings and temptations along with them. God’s grace keeps them…

The Christian walks through their lives seeing this grace and experiencing this grace, and walk closer and closer to God. They realize more and more what the grace of God is, and their love for God grows.

They grow in grace…

God also teaches us to be gracious. As God treats us, so we treat others with kindness and grace.

“all things work together for the good of those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 NIV

It couldn’t be more clear. Everything that happens to the Christian is in His control.
It takes all our lives to see this at work.
The Christian has tremendous liberty and can live confident lives in God’s mighty strength. We get in trouble when we worry and stress and try to do things by ourselves. Worry and fretting leads to evil…

The unbeliever has none of this. There is no promise to the unbeliever of protection or help of any kind. They are on their own. The enemy of their souls we see to it that they end up paying for their own sins. He will keep them just comfortable enough so that they never repent. He will tell them they are ok. This is a terrible place to be.
To be an unbeliever is not a life of blessing at all. The only person you have is yourself and you cannot stand against the powers of darkness. Without God in control of your life, you only have your own wit and wisdom. There are so many things we do not understand. We don’t understand how our minds work. We do not understand about our souls because they are dead to God. We don’t understand the Word of God, because we don’t value it. We don’t love God, because we don’t know Him.

Find grace now!!

We are left at the mercy of these negative things, with no protection from the powers of darkness.
Please young people, run to God and seek Him urgently..
Get your sins deal with and experience the grace of God in your life.