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Posted: July 17, 2016 in Death


Death comes to everyone.

Older people die.

Young people die.

It can seem that some people have power to use it. Some use death to escape from their own lives. Death is used by evil people to carry out their wicked schemes, but in the end, it is rather academic, because we will all die.

Some use the reality of war to accuse God of not caring. It is people who start wars, and people who cause so many to have to give up their lives for little reason.

The waste of death.

The futility it gives to life.

The desperate fear it engenders in the human heart.

The finality.

The end….

Death is not the end.

There is another life, a life beyond the grave.

Many fear this also, because they do not know what it is, or where it is.

The Bible is very clear.

How we live and what we put our faith in, is of crucial importance.

There is one, above all others, who is in control. He holds the keys of death and hell. He will decide who is going to live forever in Joy and peace, and who is going to be sent away to suffer for their wrong-doings.


JESUS holds the keys.

He has paid the price for the sins we do and say, and all we have to do is ask Him, and there is full and free forgiveness.

We can know His life is us, even while we still live in the here and now. Eternal life is a quality of life that all who believe do know, and will know forever.

Death is not the end.

The gift of God is eternal life, through JESUS CHRIST our LORD.