Beatitude six

Posted: February 23, 2018 in Beatitude six


“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

That’s an amazing thing… to see God.!

 In Old testament times people were afraid to see God, because if you saw God, you would instantly die. His holiness and His purity are so extreme. His is completely pure. Pure.. that’s what pure means. It means pure!! No faults no sins, completely perfect. Jesus said people who are pure in heart will see God.

How do we possibly unpick that. We cannot see God because we are flesh and blood human. How do we see the holy God who is Spirit and who is all holiness and all goodness.?

People who are pure in heart.. Who are they? Most people would hesitate to say they are pure in heart. There are some who feel that their minds are pure, and that they have been trained through education to have good thoughts and honourable ideas, but to be pure in heart means all your emotion, your will, your attitudes, your predispositions are all good, always. You have no bad attitudes or any prejudices against anyone. You are an absolutely pure person…

Most people will say they do some good things, but admit they are also wrong about other things and have at times done wrong. Many people see their moral state as a kind of competition between the good side and the bad side. But it is easy to see, that is not what pure is.! Pure is pure. Pure is 100% holy… So how can a human heart be 100% holy? Something is going to have to happen to it, to make it different. God says our hearts are desperately wicked and we don’t really understand just how wicked our hearts are.!! We are that bad. Even the good things we think we do, are completely tainted by the badness within us.

Our hearts are not pure, they are evil.

This is terrible shock to us, and we don’t want to hear it.

So how can I get this pure heart, if my heart is already contaminated?

The scripture is plain. Our hearts need to be changed. I need a spiritual heart transplant, so that my wicked heart is taken away and replaced by a holy one. When I seek this from God, he can do this for me and give me a heart that wants righteousness and good.

The only place I can get this is from a pure God.. a Holy God.

God sent Jesus to show us pure. He lived amongst human beings and said pure words and did pure deeds. He showed us the way we are required to live before a holy God. It so all recoded for us in the Bible. Do we accept what he said? Well, maybe it seems a good idea from time to time, but we don’t want this. We rejected Him and killed Him. We don’t want pure.

But God’s purity was working even through that terrible deed. Because through the death of Jesus on the cross, He bought the right for anyone who comes to Him to be pure. This was God’s way that He required to pay for the rottenness of our sins. God can take away our stony heart of hate and give of soft and loving hearts of love.

We can have a pure heart.

We cannot earn it. We are not good enough. So we come to the Lord Jesus and ask for forgiveness from our many sins and to take away the hard heart and give a believing heart of faith. He will change your heart. This heart will want different things… to walk in the pure ways of God, to love God, to obey God’s Word. As a Christian He is making you holy and conforming your desires to be like His good desires. He is changing you to strengthen you and help you to fight sin and reject it in your life.

Then on that great day, when we pass from this world into the next, we will finally be made holy and the pure heart will reign in our new lives with God forever.

So we become like Him. I am blessed because I have a pure heart and I will see God, for I will see Jesus. It is personal. It doesn’t happen in groups, but as we seek God and desire to be free from sin and death, and repent of my sins, I am made a new person.

Therefore, it is possible for a sinful human to see God, because of what Jesus has done for us. I can be changed and changed forever.

The pure in heart are blessed and will see GOD.





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