Beatitude two

Posted: January 18, 2018 in Beatitude two



“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

This is a wonderful promise from the Saviour Jesus.

This is a very precious promise to us.

We are often in trouble of different kinds and many kinds of pain become part of our lives.

Often we find ourselves crying over things, feeling very hurt and very sorrowful. We mourn.

  • We can get ill, sometimes seriously ill and we are afraid of what might happen to us.
  • We can be afraid of failing test in school or not getting good results to get a good job.
  • We can lose someone we love to sickness and to death. We talk about mourning for someone when they die.
  • We can lose our abilities, have accidents.
  • We can have things stolen from us.
  • We can mourn about all these things and be sorry about them.

Jesus also suffered from all these hurts. He suffered in ways we don’t have to suffer. He knows all about it. He identifies with us in our pains.

So, when Jesus says to us, “you will be comforted when you mourn,” we feel very glad about that.

Jesus is able to comfort us in ways that other people can’t. He can speak into our inner lives and He lets us know He is helping us. Even people who don’t believe in Him, Jesus is able and willing to comfort them.

If I am sorrowful, I am blessed because Jesus will comfort me.

But there is another kind of mourning, which is much deeper than any of these situations.

This mourning that Jesus talks about is extreme, and many people don’t experience it.

Jesus is actually talking about those who mourn for their sin. Jesus is making a promise to people who are very disturbed about their sinfulness and the wrong things they do, which break God’s holy law.

Usually we do and say wrong things, and everyone else is doing it, so its ok. We don’t feel that bad about my sins. We do wrong things easily and hardly notice…

But, God starts to work in a person’s life, and He starts to point out to them their sins. The person’s conscience becomes sensitive to the wrong and causes the person to feel bad. When God works in our lives like this, we realize we are not good enough.

When we look in the Bible. We realize God is holy and we are not. We can’t be at peace with God, because of our sin. This gets very worrying.

I look at what God says about me… “My heart is deceitful above anything else, and I don’t know it..”

That’s bad. It makes us realize that our badness is worse than we think!

Deceitfulness, dishonesty, pride, selfishness, hatred, wanting more and more- greed..

I am tainted with this disease of sin. I can’t get rid of it. I can’t stop doing these bad things. I try to do things that make me feel good about myself, but I just make it worse.

God terrifies me.! He is holy. I can never be like Him, no matter how hard I try.

I realize He is loving and I am not…    He hates sin, and I don’t…

Now I am mourning because of my sins.

This is the kind of mourning that Jesus is talking about in the Beatitude.

If you are mourning like this, you are blessed..!

Why?    Well when we mourn for sin and seek God, There is a remedy. Sin can be forgiven. God’s Word says, that Jesus paid for sin so that we could be forgiven.

He says, if we repent and are sorry for it, He will forgive us everything.!

I can have a new start and a new life, and God will keep me safe from the judgment.

God will forgive me everything, and my sin will be put away from me and never remembered again. If we struggle with sin, and find our way to Jesus for forgiveness, how great to know your sins are gone forever.

This is the ultimate comfort of God.  No one can take forgiveness away from you.

Why did Jesus come..

  • To save us from the consequences of our sin and from the very sin itself.
  • To rescue me form this sinful world.
  • To give us the victory over sin and death.
Those who grieve, mourn for sin in their lives, will find comfort.




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