Posted: August 13, 2015 in Only JESUS...

I don’t know who you depend on….

Everyone around us is as frail as we are. They all hurt, get sick and eventually leave the planet, never to return. It can be a depressing thought, and can add to our insecurity and lack of confidence.


Those who trust the unchanging and all-powerful God, who can never just leave us, have total security and can live in the knowledge that He is always with us, in life and also eternity.


There are people we can trust in our lives, and it is good when we have family or friends who are dependable and trustworthy.

God is ultimately so, and when we look to Him in faith, and give our lives to Him, He becomes our Father. The wrong things we have done, are gone, and we turn away from the sins that so easily invade our lives, and we have His joy and peace in our inner life.

His power is now in my life, and as I trust Him every day, and depend on Him, my life changes and I can have victory over wrong-doing, and I obey Him and I am changed to be like Him.

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