The Truth

Posted: August 5, 2015 in The Truth


What is truth? Objective/Subjective?

Modern society has a rather convenient way of dealing with this issue. How can I be true and do whatever I like? How can ME and TRUE be put together?   People say… Do what is true for you..” So now the truth is a subjective thing and what is true for me, is not true for you, so you can choose your ”truth” I can do whatever I like, because I can choose what I want to be true…! So our world runs on this idea (it keeps a kind of peace), that there is NO sure, stable, unchanging, reliable TRUTH. It changes to whatever I want it to be.

This is not the way of Christ. Jesus is the TRUTH, and the only TRUTH. He makes that very clear. He is the ONLY Saviour, because there is no other truth. Jesus is the only way to God, heaven and the only person who can forgive us. What human culture says, is that you can find your own way to heaven, because you have a private truth. If there is a ONE TRUTH, then this cannot be so…

JESUS is reliable, the same every day. He said that. JESUS the same yesterday, today and forever.” JESUS can say that because it is TRUE.

This should give us real hope and a realization that we can trust JESUS.

The truth is, He died for you, to free you from the power of lies and falsehood.

The truth about Jesus is really quite shocking. It required Him to give up His life, to identify himself with sinful people like us, and to allow himself to be killed by us.

We don’t really want to hear it. It shows me up in a bad light. Surely I am not that bad? I do lots of good things, Lord… I do not always tell lies, I try to be honest…. but however we look at it, I am not True. So am I true? Do I want to be true?

Why can I believe Jesus?

JESUS himself is the truth, personified. It’s not just about telling the truth, or showing truth, but His person is the eternal truth of God. There is no other religious leader who would even dare to claim this, as the records we have of their lives, show that they are weak human beings, just like us, who did and said wrong things, and are now dead and gone.

Jesus came as a human being, but was way more than us, in every way. He always did the right thing, He spoke the truth, even to those who hated Him. He did everything His Father in heaven asked Him to do, even to the extent that he went to a cruel death, for the sake of people who hated him and rejected him.

His truthfulness marked Him out from every person who has ever lived. He stood out, not because of what he wore, or how he physically looked, but he had such dignity and a humble attitude, even though he was the God of all things.

Why did JESUS do it? Why did He live with the untruths around Him? Such is his love, that he planned this time when he would come, live a life of poverty and rejection, and go to a cross to pay for those He loves. He was willing to suffer the agony of Calvary, to make His people right with God. To make them true, who were not true. To make us TRUE who are not true….

Why I need to believe Jesus…

Well, maybe with some will power, I can do it myself….If I just try hard enough.

No. Impossible. There is no amount of self-examination will identify in our mind, our untruthfulness. I cannot even remember the lies I have told.

We cannot see it, because it is such a part of our being. JESUS said I actually refuse the truth, and I believe things that are not true so easily.

JESUS can change all that, in a moment…!

His saving power can overcome my dishonesty, in fact, all my sin, and he can cleanse it away, and make it like it never happened. He can turn a dishonest person, Me, into an honest person…

Will you trust Him? Will you ask Him to change you and make you a true person?

There is a famous liar, who every day seeks to keep you away from JESUS the truth. He hates the truth and every word he says is a lie.

Satan says:

  1. It’s all a bit extreme, and you are not that bad really. Maybe he is saying that to you right now! You don’t need to listen to that, you’re an Ok person…. It’s a lie, because JESUS says, 1 John 1:8… If I say I have no sin, the truth is not in me..”
  1. No one could change you like that. We are the way we are… JESUS can’t do it, you are too bad… Look at all the people around you. They just stay the same…. It’s a lie, because JESUS changed so many people, you can read about them. John 8:31…. The truth will set you free…”
  1. All the clever people don’t believe in Jesus. This is a great one. There are clever people who scoff at God and tell Christians they are stupid. Some times they are on TV. Maybe you have people at school… They are intimidating… It’s lies… because JESUS said, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God..” Psalm 14:1 That’s pretty clear. The scoffers may seem big now, but God will not be mocked…

Look at JESUS. He walked this sinful earth and never sinned. He never lied, and He gave up His life to save liars and sinful people. That is extreme!! We would never do that. Only HE can change LIARS… John 8:31… JESUS said to the people, if you follow me, you will know the truth, (Know HIM!) and the truth will set you free..”

Amazing claims… JESUS must be GOD, or He is lying..!!

Look at any Christians you know. How do they live their lives? Ever asked them?

Clever people do speak against JESUS, but end up ranting and raving against Him, and the cleverness goes out the window. Who is motivating them?

Am I ready to face the truth..?

Maybe you should find a Christian friend and ask them about their life?

Ask one of the leaders and we can get you a biography..?

Maybe you could ready the Bible. Read the New Testament about all that JESUS said. Did it all come true?

Acts 4:12…..There is no other name, in the whole earth, given to people, so that we can be saved…




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