Posted: April 6, 2015 in Resurrection


He rose from the dead, so that I will also be raised…

Those who trust in Him and love Him with heart, soul and mind, will know the joy of true life. Resurrection life is promised and will certainly happen when the trumpet sounds and the graves open as the dead return to physical life.

For those who belong to JESUS, there will be unspeakable joy and happiness, as sins are finally conquered and overflowing life will run out from redeemed bodies.

We are sure of this because HE ROSE from the grave. Death could not hold Him- the Prince of life.

The stone could not hold Him in- it was rolled out of the way.
He stepped out of death into LIFE forevermore…

The keys of death are in His belt and everlasting life belongs to His people.
People who repent of their wrong and follow him in FAITH will rise to eternal life…


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