Posted: June 24, 2014 in Unexpected


When someone does a kind thing for us, it makes us feel valued and even loved.

Something unexpected, gives a kind of thrill, that we remember and helps us to have that feeling of belonging.

What is the most unexpected event that has every happened? An event that no one was looking for, or would have dreamed about in a million years…

The Eternal God became a human being, and lived his perfect life among sinful people he had made, so that he could rescue them from punishment. Then something even more unexpected happened… he gave up his life, dying in agony, to pay that terrible cost for the rescue of such worthless beings.

Even more unexpected… he came back to life… and he can raise to life all who confess their sins and believe in Him.

Most unexpected of all. He can change us completely and make us ready for heaven, and he will be with us through all our lives, changing us, until we get there.

Heaven… that will then become the most unexpected place of all..!!


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